WordPress: customizing the Jetpack Infinite Scroll Footer plugin module

Wordpress: condividere nuovamente gli articoli condivisi con Jetpack Publicize

WordPress 4.1 is now live! With the brand-new Twenty Fifteen theme widely adopted by many blog and websites, the Infinite Scroll Jetpack module is becoming more and more popular (if you don't know what we're talking about you can read here to know more about this neat plugin).

As you might already know, the Infinite Scroll module features a standard Footer with the blog name on its left side and the "Proudly powered by WordPress theme <nome del tema>" phrase on its right side. If you don't like their content you can change it with few lines of code.

To change the contents of the right side you can simply add this custom Filter (if you don't know what a Filter is or how to add it to your WP website read here):


In order to change the left side of the Infinite Footer a few more lines of code will be needed:

The above code is a bit more complex than the previous one. We're still using a custom Filter, but we'll use it to launch a custom function who will change the whole footer content.

If you don't want to mess with your template source code and/or you don't feel like adding custom Filters and functions to your template code you can obtain the same result with the following JavaScript function (requires jQuery): you can append it to the end of your page's <head> block (Appearance -> Edit > header.php):


If you just want to hide the Infinite Footer all you need to do is to add the following css rule (Appearance -> Edit CSS > style.php):

Happy customization!

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