P7M Convert Software tool to convert CAdES P7M files in XML format to import digitally signed electronic invoices into the main management applications

P7M Convert

P7M Convert is a software tool that allows you to convert P7M files (digitally signed e-invoices in CAdES format) into plain XML files: the converted files can then be imported into the main management software applications, most of which are still not supporting P7M files.

The current version of the software supports only the XML.P7M files digitally signed in CAdES format, according to the format specifications described in the "The affixing of signatures and information on signed documents" published by AgID - Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale in April 2014. Support for additional formats can be developed on request.

The software was created with the Electron development framework and can therefore be installed on all major Windows, Windows Server, Linux and MacOS operating systems.


  • Reading one or more digitally signed P7M files in CAdES format (plain text or Base64 format).
  • Conversion of the aforementioned files into standard XML format, ideally identical to the original document before the digital signature was applied.
  • It can be used through a Graphical User Interface (GUI mode) for standard usage and a Command-Line Interface (CLI mode)  to allow massive conversions and/or interoperability with other tools.

The software application allows you to select a source folder, containing one or more P7M files to be converted, and a destination folder, which will be used to store the converted XML files. The destination folder may be the same as the original folder, as the name of the converted files will be the same as the original files with an additional .xml extension at the end.

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The software is currently available in two licensing plans:

  • Perpetual license: the owner can install it on all his own devices, but he can't sell it to third parties (no resale).
  • Perpetual resale license : similar to the previous one, but the owner can also resell the software to third parties.

For information on pricing and how to purchase, or to request an evaluation version without obligation, contact us here or through this e-mail address.

P7M Convert

Compare Editions

P7M Convert can be purchased as a stand-alone software or together with P7M Studio, an application suite containing both  P7M Extract and P7M Convert. P7M Studio support P7M to XML conversion, attachment files extraction from P7M and/or XML files and other useful features developed for professionals, accountancy studies and IT/development companies.

Each P7M Studio feature can be accessed and launched using the graphical user interface (GUI mode) or command-line interface (CLI mode) to allow massive conversions and/or extractions and full interoperability with other tools. The application is highly customizable and can be improved with additional features upon customer request.

For additional info regarding each product, take a look at the following table:

Features P7M Convert P7M Extract P7M Shell P7M Studio
P7M to XML conversion
Delete P7M files after conversion
Extract attachments from P7M files
Extract attachments from XML files
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Command-line execution (CLI)
Extract P7M/XML from ZIP archives
Sub-folders support
Unsigned XML copy
Pricing without resale rights* 99 EUR 99 EUR 99 EUR 139 EUR
Pricing with resale rights* 299 EUR 299 EUR 299 EUR 389 EUR
DEMO version Download Download Download Download
Full version Acquista Acquista Acquista Acquista
* VAT not included

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