Drop Shipping in 2019: What it is and What to Look for in a Provider
How to make a Wordpress website compliant with GDPR and Cookie Law
Cloud-Based vs VOIP Telephone System: What Should You Choose?

Cloud-Based vs VOIP Telephone System: What Should You Choose? A comparison between the two most used business technologies to handle telecommunications between business organizations

Regardless of the niche, a clear and well-established telephony service allows you to connect several operators at the same time, provide clear and high-quality communications, record, work through and improve …

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Linux - Come inviare E-Mail con sSMTP (con configurazioni-tipo per GMail, Aruba e Yahoo)
Impostare lo Shutdown o il Reboot automatico di Windows

Windows – Auto-Reboot and Shutdown with Task Scheduler – Cron Jobs alternative How to setup the automatic reboot and/or shutdown of a Windows 10 or Windows Server machine with the built-in Task Scheduler feature

Despite the common belief, the practice of programming a system reboot or shutdown of a client or server machine isn’t necessarily a bad thing: in some limited scenario planning a regular …

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