CryptoLocker, Locky e altri Ransomware: come eliminarli dal sistema e recuperare i file infetti senza pagare il riscatto

Disable Windows Script Host (WSH) to block .VBS malware How to securely prevent .VBS files (VBScript) from being executed by disabling Windows Script Host in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Windows Script Host (or WSH) (also known as Windows Scripting Host) is a scripting language shipped with all major Windows and Windows Server distributions since Windows 98. Scripts made with …

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OpenProject - 502 Bad Gateway with default TCP port 6000 - FIX
Disable Windows 10 Tracking, una applicazione per bloccare la raccolta di dati da parte di Microsoft
ASP.NET - Create MSI or setup.exe installer for any .NET Project with WiX

ASP.NET – Create MSI or setup.exe installer for any .NET Project with WiX How you can use the open-source WiX toolset to create a MSI or Setup.exe installer package for your ASP.NET projects to ensure a smooth install experience to your users

If you’re an ASP.NET developer working with client applications using either Windows Forms (aka WinForms) projects, WPF Projects, Windows Console applications, Windows Service projects and/or any .NET Core Desktop App …

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Permalink e URL semantiche su Wordpress con IIS

Yuzo Related Posts WordPress Plugin – Major Security Flaw A critical vulnerability in the code of the well-known WordPress plugin Yuzo Related Post resulted in many malicious XSS redirects to harmful web sites such as and

Definitely a bad week for Lenin Zapata, author of the well-known Yuzo Related Post plugin for WordPress. The plugin, installed on over 60,000 websites, was removed from the plug-in …

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Ivacy VPN - Promozione Game Of Thrones - 20% di sconto fino al 30 Aprile 2019

Ivacy VPN – Game Of Thrones Promo – 20% discount until April 30th 2019 20% discount on any Ivacy VPN subscription plan to celebrate the eighth season of the successful TV series inspired by the fantasy saga written by George R. R. Martin

Ivacy‘s April 2019 marketing campaign is definitely original: the VPN provider took inspiration from the imminent launch of the eighth season of the TV series inspired by the fantasy saga …

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