dir2json - a PHP CLI script to output the contents of a folder tree into a JSON object

Serialize a string value without quotes in ASP.NET with Json.NET How to JSON serialize a string value without quotes (to have it act as a JavaScript variable or function) in ASP.NET C# using the Newtonsoft's Json.NET library

Today I was playing with Tabulator, a great open-source interactive table JavaScript library which I’ve already talked about a few times in the past (our Tabulazer Extension for Google Chrome …

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Debouncing and Throttling in Angular with RxJS

Debouncing and Throttling in Angular with RxJS How to implement debouncing and throttling in an Angular app using the debounceTime and throttleTime operators provided by the RxJS library

In this article we’ll talk about Debouncing and Throttling, two optimization techniques that we might want to consider whenever we’re developing an Angular app that needs features such as autocomplete, …

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How to cache your website using NGINX and FastCGI in CentOS 7 with PHP FastCGI Process Manager PHP-FPM

Configure HTTP Basic Authentication on NGINX How to implement HTTP Basic Authentication in a NGINX web server to restrict access for your website users with a simple username/password challenge

In this guide we’ll see how we can implement a password-based authentication mechanism on our NGINX web servers using HTTP Basic Authentication: a simple auth method that allows webmasters to …

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My (bad) customer experience with SEMrush

My (bad) customer experience with SEMrush The top rated SEO platform for managing online visibility doesn't seem to have a customer & sales support good enough to match its reputation

If you are a bit passionate about SEO and online marketing, you have probably already heard of SEMrush, an extremely sophisticated platform that offers solutions to manage all aspects of …

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