Check for Dangerous Root Certificates on Windows with SigCheck

Check for Dangerous Root Certificates on Windows with SigCheck How to protect your Windows machine from unsafe root certificates such as Superfish, Komodia, PrivDog, eDellRoot using the free SigCheck tool from Sysinternals

Have you ever heard about Superfish? If you’re a System Administrator, you probably do. However, here’s a quick recap: Superfish was an advertising company based in Palo Alto, California: it …

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SQL Server - Recuperare il Product Key da una installazione esistente

SQL Server – Call a URL using GET or POST method and fetch Status Code and Response Text How to execute a GET or POST call to an external URL within a Stored Procedure (using HTTP or HTTPS protocol) and retrieve the StatusCode and ResponseText

We already talked about the MSXML2.XMLHTTP and MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP objects in an older post: these objects provides methods and properties for server-safe HTTP access between different Web servers and can be used to exchange …

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IIS URL Rewrite: redirect di più nomi di dominio su un singolo hostname
How to create a self-signed TLS SSL certificate for Apache or NGINX to accept HTTPS requests on port 443