Linux - Come inviare E-Mail con sSMTP (con configurazioni-tipo per GMail, Aruba e Yahoo)
How to Deploy a ASP.NET Core 2 Web Application to Linux CentOS - Tutorial
Come installare MariaDB 10.x su CentOS 7.x e metterlo in sicurezza per l'utilizzo in produzione

How to safely upgrade from MariaDB 10.x to 10.3 without losing data A quick tutorial explaining how to perform a seamless upgrade from a previous version of MariaDB 10 to MariaDB 10.3 keeping all the existing databases intact

It has been a while since MariaDB 10.3 has been out, bringing its stunning pack of changes, improvements and new features – most notably, System-versioned tables and Sequences. If you found this …

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How to downgrade PHP version on Linux CentOS

How to downgrade PHP version on Linux CentOS How to securely roll-back to a previous version and/or build of PHP - for example, from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.1 - in a Linux CentOS machine

PHP 7.2 release introduced many breaking changes that could prevent some of your application from working properly. Among the many backward-incompatible improvements, perhaps the most  crippling one is what they called …

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