ASP.NET Core SQL Server and MySQL database logging with Serilog

ASP.NET Core SQL Server and MySQL database logging with Serilog How to use the ASP.NET Core's built-in ILogger logging API to write application logs to SQL Server, MySQL and/or MariaDB using Serilog logging provider

In this article we’ll see how to take advantage of Serilog, a neat open-source diagnostic logging library for .NET applications, to log our ASP.NET Core web application’s data to a …

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The Current .NET SDK does not support targeting .NET Core 3.0 - Fix

Use Newtonsoft’s Json.NET instead of System.Text.Json in ASP.NET Core 3+ MVC projects How to replace the ASP.NET Core's native System.Text.Json APIs with the Newtonsoft.Json package library, also known as Json.NET

If you’re a ASP.NET developer and you’ve got some programming experience with ASP.NET Core 3+, you most likely already know that the ASP.NET Core development team introduced a brand new …

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ASP.NET Core C# - How to lock an async method according to custom IDs

ASP.NET Core C# – Send email messages with SendInBlue and MailKit How to send transactional e-mail messages from a ASP.NET Core C# web application using SendInBlue through the MailKit NuGet package

A few days ago we’ve published a guide explaining how to send email messages via SMTP with MailKit implementing a custom MailKitEmailSender class based upon the ASP.NET Core built-in IEmailSender …

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