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Wordpress: Aggiungere hashtag ai social post inviati con Jetpack Publicize

WordPress Plugin that will automatically append hashtags to any content sent by Jetpack's Publicize module to Social Networks. If you don't know what Jetpack's Publicize module is, click here for more info.

Plugin Features:

  • Hashtags will be created using the post tags, (optionally) trimming the space chars, until the maximum character length is reached (if any).
  • You'll still be able to manually add custom hashtags, pre-pending or appending them to the auto-generated ones just like you always did.
  • You can reorder the hashtags as you like, regardless of how they were added.
  • Dupe check included, ensuring that the same hashtag won't be included multiple times - unless you manually do that.
  • Automatically added hashtags won't break the 118-character limits of the social message text to keep the message length under the standard tweet + link limit.
  • The above character-length threshold can be changed and/or set to infinite with ease.

IMPORTANT: Publicize With Hashtags plugin will work only if the Jetpack plugin is already installed on your WordPress platform with the Publicize module set to active. Don't worry, tho: if any of these requirements are missing this plugin won't do anything, without breaking your blog or compromising its performance in any way.

For additional info & download:


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3 Comments on “Publicize With Hashtags”

  1. Is there a way to automatically always include certain hashtags?
    For example, on all posts, I want to include #PhD #Research and for them to appear first, before the ‘alphabetically organised’ tags that are then made into hashtags

  2. The plug in appears to have stopped working. I can’t place exactly when it stopped working for me. I suspect the most recent WP update.

  3. Any idea if this plugin will be updated to support Gutenberg and/or offer an option to customize the custom message area more? i.e. Adding date published, reading time, category, etc.

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