About us

About us

We're a bunch of project-managers, analysts, developers, designers and web enthusiasts. We've been playing and working in the IT/web industry since many years, and we often end up being the guys (or gals) who explain how things work to users, customers and sometimes to the press. We usually end up talking about about layouts, web interfaces, programming languages,  coding and SEO.

Many of us are working for well-known italian web sites and services design and development companies; some are also experienced in building native apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices; there are also guys (and gals) who happen to be SEO, brand-management and online marketing experts. So to speak. Anything else you will find here relates to our personal hobbies, which tend to be a lot.

We use this website to give our thoughts about what we do and share the results of our job.


If we post something here that you find helpful for your job or hobby, that’s great. If you're interested in doing that too, you can join us and/or send your stuff by clicking here.

If you're looking for designers, developers, project analysts or anyone that can put your project in motion you can contact us using this address or request a fair quote using the form module below: we'll answer your call in a few hours.

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