VotinApp E-Voting Mobile App for Android and iOS featuring client-server interactions, web-based administration panel and real-time push notifications


Native App for Android and iOS with advanced E-Voting functions. Voting rooms can be created through a dedicated web-based administration panel: the room system is expecially designed to allow the users to vote without sending their personal data: each voting room is only accessible using a special access key given by the administrator, who is free to share it or keep it reserved to a restricted list of users or hosts.

All the voting room settings can be independently configured using the admin panel, which can also be used to view the results in real-time and/or access the poll statistics. The app does support multiple votes, maximum number of votes per user, highly configurable voting methods such as star ratings (1 to 5 stars) or numbers (1 to 100), custom algorithms for calculating results, & much more.

Voting rooms can be set to expire within minutes, hours or days and auto-delete themselves along with all the participating users, granting full anonimity: no e-mail / phone number / personal data is stored on the system or sent to other users, thus making the app ideal for all kind of polls & voting sessions: events, competitions, conventions,  contests, and more.

Since 2017 the app features the auto-candidate mode, which allows users to add themselves to the candidate list and receive votes for their performance. Such feature has been specifically designed for karaoke & musical contests and can be enabled or disabled by the voting administrators.

The app was developed using AndroidOS and iOS native code in order to ensure best performance and is fully compatible with any smartphone or tablet.

Main features

  • Passord protection: each voting room has its ownunique access key that can be shared by the poll manager to restrict access only to users allowed to vote.
  • Custom algorithms: each voting room can be configured with custom algorithms for calculating the poll results.
  • Custom features for special users: the poll manager can define "special users" and grant them with custom features (such as more votes, different vote weight, and so on): special users will use their own password to access the room so that the app will reckognize them in a trasparent and anonymous way, thus avoiding privacy issues.
  • Client-server interaction: the client and server communicates through secure, encrypted JSON objects using RESTful Web Services.
  • Web-based Admin Panel: each voting room can be configured using a secure, web-based administration panel featuring users, roles, flags, room statistics & more.
  • Privacy & GDPR compliance: the app doesn't require mobile numbers, e-mail or other personal info, thus protecting the participating user's privacy.
  • Auto-candidates: since 2017 the app supports the auto-candidate feature, allowing each user to add himself to the candidate list and receive votes. Such feature has been specifically designed for karaoke & musical contests and can be enabled or disabled by the voting administrators.

Official Links

For additional info, ratings and download, visit the following pages:

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