Event Viewer: come inviare notifiche e-mail dal Registro Eventi con uno script Powershell
MySQL - How to convert all Database Tables and Columns to a specific Collation
Triangolo giallo sull'icona Rete di Windows: cosa significa e come eliminarlo

Symbolic Links – Create Folder / Directory Alias in Windows How to create true directory aliases in Windows (not shortcuts) using Symbolic Links with mklink, Powershell or Junction (Sysinternals)

In this post we’ll explain the concept of symbolic links, a neat feature available in NFTS-enabled Windows operating system that can be used to create “proxies” or “pointers” for files …

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How to block File Sharing for one or more IP Addresses in Windows

Shutdown and Restart a Windows PC from a Remote Desktop session – RDP How to perform a system shutdown and/or restart on a Windows machine from a Remote Desktop session using RDP protocol

If you’re frequently using the Windows Remote Desktop feature (aka Terminal Services) during your daily activity, you most likely already know that  the “System Shutdown” and “System Reboot” options are …

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