Top 4 SD Card Recovery Software Tools How Much Does SD Card Data Retrieval Usually Cost? What Reliable Software Can I Use for Getting My Files Back? How Expensive Are They?

Top 4 SD Card Recovery Software Tools

SD cards are known as an excellent way to get extended storage for almost all types of devices. They are great helpers and, at the same time, a great headache in case you delete files by accident.
Losing data is always painful and unexpected. Whether or not you deleted the files yourself or were a victim of a low-quality card provider, it may catch you off guard.

But not all is lost. These days, it doesn’t take a lot of money or experience to perform an SD card recovery; as a rule, data can be restored unless the storage space is overwritten with new files. Below in this article, we will briefly review the most common ways to retrieve data from SD cards, so be all eyes.

How much does it cost?

First of all, we want to say that there is no fixed or standard amount of money that people pay for this procedure. Roughly speaking, the SD card recovery cost varies from free to a few hundred dollars. It all depends on the way you pick to recover your files and on how complicated the data loss case is.

The next question we might be tempted to ask usually is: what reliable software can I use for getting my files back? And, most importantly: how expensive are they?

There are a number of good apps and programs to help you deal with data loss. Here we will overview 4 programs that have been proven effective and secure. But before it’s too late, please follow the No 1 rule – don’t format your SD card if you expect to get the data back. Here you will find more about the algorithm of actions if you want to recover deleted SD card files.

#1. Disk Drill

Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS

If one part of you wants the free tool and another craves a more advanced scan, Disk Drill is where you can reach a consensus. What are the pluses? Supporting all types of files, easy preview, RAW media file recovery, being fit for laptops, micro SD cards (plus SDHC, SDXC, and CF), cameras, phones, a lot more.

Pricing is more flexible as well.  The free Disk Drill gives you a free 500 MB of recovered files. The Pro version costs around 89 USD.

#2. IObit Undelete

Supported platforms: Windows

This tool is great for someone who has no experience with similar programs and needs a very user-friendly app. IObit is very easy to use, and its main advantage is being free regardless of the amount of content you want to retrieve.

Another definite plus is the possibility to make IObit Undelete portable: just download it on any USB drive and know that this Plan B will always work in case data is lost.

#3. Minitool

Supported platforms: Windows

This is another recovery tool having its place among the top-ranked DIY SD card recovery software. Besides basic scans, Minitool can scan deeper than the previous tool. The main reason why it’s a good choice is the success rate and simplicity of the UI. However, some complain of the program being too pricey – $99, depending. Not all files can be previewed either.

#4. RescuePro

Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS

This well-performing tool boasts great previewing capabilities, convenient scanning, assistance, and needs no user experience. Still, this one lacks the function of recovery from hard drives, which might be very appreciated as well as RAIDs scans. The pricing of RescuePRO includes three options:

  • Standard for 40 USD
  • Deluxe for 60 USD
  • Deluxe commercial for 250 USD

The latter options offer much more in terms of recovery performance.

How to Fix a Corrupted SD Card

Here's a neat YouTube video showing 5 proven methods to fix a corrupted SD card.


With this list of brilliant tools, you can let go of any worries about your data. While every one of them has some space to grow, they will definitely cope with your problem and recover deleted files from SD card without fuss.


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