ASP.NET Core SQL Server and MySQL database logging with Serilog

ASP.NET Core SQL Server and MySQL database logging with Serilog How to use the ASP.NET Core's built-in ILogger logging API to write application logs to SQL Server, MySQL and/or MariaDB using Serilog logging provider

In this article we’ll see how to take advantage of Serilog, a neat open-source diagnostic logging library for .NET applications, to log our ASP.NET Core web application’s data to a …

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Il mio nuovo libro su Angular non è ancora uscito, ma è già uno scam

My new Angular book is not out yet, but is already a scam ASP.NET Core 3 and Angular 9 book won't be available until February 11th, but you can already get robbed while trying to download it

Writing a programming book is a task that almost always proves to be much more difficult than expected, especially when dealing with mutable and unpredictable frameworks such as ASP.NET Core …

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SQL Server - Recuperare il Product Key da una installazione esistente

SQL Server – Call a URL using GET or POST method and fetch Status Code and Response Text How to execute a GET or POST call to an external URL within a Stored Procedure (using HTTP or HTTPS protocol) and retrieve the StatusCode and ResponseText

We already talked about the MSXML2.XMLHTTP and MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP objects in an older post: these objects provides methods and properties for server-safe HTTP access between different Web servers and can be used to exchange …

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