SQL Server - Recuperare il Product Key da una installazione esistente
How to Install, Setup and Configure MS SQL Server 2017 Express Edition

How to Install, Setup and Configure MS SQL Server 2017 Express Edition A quick tutorial explaining all the required steps to deploy an instance of MS SQL Server 2017 Express Edition on a Development, Testing or Production machine

If you’re a .NET developer working with Visual Studio, you’ll most likely know SQL Server LocalDB: a specialized edition of the well-known Microsoft SQL Server engine – firstly introduced in …

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Come installare MariaDB 10.x su CentOS 7.x e metterlo in sicurezza per l'utilizzo in produzione

How to safely upgrade from MariaDB 10.x to 10.3 without losing data A quick tutorial explaining how to perform a seamless upgrade from a previous version of MariaDB 10 to MariaDB 10.3 keeping all the existing databases intact

It has been a while since MariaDB 10.3 has been out, bringing its stunning pack of changes, improvements and new features – most notably, System-versioned tables and Sequences. If you found this …

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MySQL - How to convert all Database Tables and Columns to a specific Collation

Code-First vs Model-First vs Database-First: Pros and Cons A comparison of three different ORM Data Modeling Approaches: Code-First, Model-First and Database-First

When working with object-relational mapping (ORM) frameworks such as Entity Framework, we often have to choose between one of the three available approaches to model the data structure: Model-First, Database-First, and Code-First. Each one …

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SQL - The ntext data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable - How to Fix