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Remote Assistance

Our IT technicians can carry out remote assistance activities thanks to TeamViewer, a remote desktop software that allows you to access the computer or the client's server from the web. The remote assistance service can only be activated with the consent of the interested party and works through Firewalls, proxies and VPN connections.

For more information, see the Remote Assistance section.

Software Development

Our IT staff is specialized in the design, design and implementation of specific web, desktop and mobile projects thanks to the presence of full-stack developers with strong coding skills in modern programming languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, ASP.NET C#, Python, Rust, Go, and so on.

For additional details on languages, technologies and areas of expertise, visit the Software Development section.

Training Courses

Our IT professionals can develop training courses and course plans aimed at learning the general IT concepts and/or introducing young/novice enthusiasts to coding, computer awareness, digital innovation, and new technologies. The courses we offer, constantly updated to new technologies, are held by dedicated professionals and focus on the tools used professionally to carry out our work.

For more information on currently available courses and related programs, take a look at the Training Courses section.

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