NordPass Password Manager - Review & Test Drive
MS Exchange - ripristino database con ESEUTIL, KERNEL e Stellar Utilities

Why you should migrate to Exchange Online A list of the main benefits of migrating from an existing on-premise MS Exchange Server to Exchange Online

If you’ve come across this article, chances are you’re considering replacing your existing MS Exchange Server architecture (or any other on-premise mail server) with a new cloud-based solution managed through …

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Information Security: le linee guida ENISA

The 4 pillars of IT Security according to ENISA An extensive overview of the ENISA Technical Guidelines for the implementation of minimum security measures for Digital Service Providers, the reference standard for IT security in Europe

Four years after its publication (February 2017), the Technical Guidelines for the implementation of minimum security measures for Digital Service Providers published by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) …

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How to cache your website using NGINX and FastCGI in CentOS 7 with PHP FastCGI Process Manager PHP-FPM

Configure HTTP Basic Authentication on NGINX How to implement HTTP Basic Authentication in a NGINX web server to restrict access for your website users with a simple username/password challenge

In this guide we’ll see how we can implement a password-based authentication mechanism on our NGINX web servers using HTTP Basic Authentication: a simple auth method that allows webmasters to …

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How to handle multipage TIFF files with ASP.NET C# (GDI+ alternative)
DevOps Methodology, Lifecycle and Best Practices explained

How to secure your CI/CD pipeline Three important security countermeasures you might want to implement to ensure that your CI/CD pipeline is as secure as it can be

It is widely known that the CI/CD pipeline is one of the most effective ways to work in software development. CI/CD provides an unmatched integration from start to finish for …

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How to Remove Bing Redirect Virus From Your Mac

How to Remove Bing Redirect Virus From Your Mac If you are at your wit’s end trying to stop the intolerable Bing search rerouting activity on your Mac, this article will point you in the right direction

Bing, Microsoft’s famous search engine, is being heavily mishandled in a massive web traffic monetization campaign orchestrated by cybercriminals. Computers running macOS are in the epicenter of this plot. The …

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Container e Containerization: cos'è e come funziona

4 Simple Steps to Build Continuous Security into Container Deployment A high-level, yet detailed look towards the various challenges and goals of container security during build, ship and run phases

In current times, container adoption has skyrocketed. The importance of securing the apps DevOps teams create and deploy using containers has grown along with it. The protection security teams must …

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