Visual Studio 2017 - How to setup a new Electron project and run a Hello World sample
How to handle multipage TIFF files with ASP.NET C# (GDI+ alternative)
DevOps Methodology, Lifecycle and Best Practices explained

How to secure your CI/CD pipeline Three important security countermeasures you might want to implement to ensure that your CI/CD pipeline is as secure as it can be

It is widely known that the CI/CD pipeline is one of the most effective ways to work in software development. CI/CD provides an unmatched integration from start to finish for …

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Virtual Reality for Design with DODOcaseVR

Virtual Reality for Design with DODOcaseVR From the initial mock-ups, to project collaboration, through to the finishing touches that make a design go from good to great, VR can sell an idea better than any other medium

Virtual reality viewer is not necessarily an overly expensive, technically and functionally complex accessory. In 2014, in particular, Google publicly announced beginning of production of quite a budget solution – …

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