MergeTIFF A lightweight .NET Core console program to merge multiple TIFF files into one


MergeTIFF is a lightweight .NET Core console application that merges multiple TIFF files (including multi-page ones) into a single multi-page TIFF file. The full source code, as well as the Windows and Linux executables, is released under GNU v3 license and fully available on GitHub.

The tool has been developed by Ryadel as an educational project within one of our ASP.NET Core and C# training courses and has been released to the public so that it could be used by anyone.


The tool can be used from the windows command line or the Linux terminal by specifying two parameters:

  • <sourceFolder> :  a folder containing the TIFF files to merge.
  • <targetFile> : the container TIFF file path.


Frameworks and Dependencies

MergeTIFF has been developed using the following dependencies:

The WiX Toolset is only required if you plan to build the installer EXE for third-party release. If you don't know what WiX Toolset actually is, we strongly suggest reading our WiX Toolset review and usage guide.

Code References

The project strongly relies upon the MergeTiff helper class, which was released on this blog a while ago: if you like to know more about how it actually works, we strongly suggest take a look at this post. In case you want to know more about GDI+ - the Windows managed graphics interfaces which we used to build the class - we also suggest to read this post.


If you have questions, suggestions or any other feedback you would like to share with us, feel free to get in touch using our contact form or the GitHub project's issues page.

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2 Comments on “MergeTIFF A lightweight .NET Core console program to merge multiple TIFF files into one

    1. “MergeTIFF” (no magetiff) is a console applicaton, therefore there’s nothing to install, you just run the executable from a Command Prompt using the proper switches and get the job done.

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