Native App for Android and iOS developed in partnership with Appresto SRLs. This is essentially a real-time messaging app based upon a private room system expecially designed to allow the users to chat without sending their personal data: each room is only accessible using a special access key given by the administrator, who is free to share it or keep it reserved to a restricted list of users or hosts. Each room can be independently configured using a dedicated Web Application which handles a feature-rich administration panel. Rooms can be set to expire within minutes, hours or days and auto-delete themselves along with all the users and messages, granting full anonimity: no e-mail / phone number / personal data is stored on the system or sent to other users, thus making the app ideal for events, conventions, private/theme parties, pubs, holiday villages/resorts and more.

The app was developed using AndroidOS and iOS native code in order to ensure best performance and is fully compatible with any smartphone or tablet.

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