Encryption in-transit and Encryption at-rest - Definitions and Best Practices
2-Factor Authentication (2FA): cos'è, come funziona, perché utilizzarla
How to make a Wordpress website compliant with GDPR and Cookie Law
Audit Log Best Practices for Information Security

Audit Log Best Practices for Information Security What an audit log actually is, why you need it and a list of good practices for defining and implementing it

As data threats continue to increase in both quantity and sophistication, security programs have become a necessity for most businesses. You probably already have a program for monitoring your security …

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US-CERT: 50 Pubblicazioni Gratuite per proteggersi dalle Minacce Informatiche

US-CERT: 50 free PDF guides & tutorials to protect yourself against Cyber threats All the PDF released by US-CERT to test your knowledge against the most important Information Security topics as of today

From the issues related to PC configurationsto the latest Malware and Ransomware threats; from the Backup procedures to the Data Breach; from DDoS attacks to the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. These are …

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Data Transfer Project - Google, Twitter, Microsoft e Facebook

Data Transfer Project – Google, Twitter, Microsoft & Facebook Introducing Data Transfer Project, the new framework developed by Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook to meet the Right to Data Portability GDPR requirements

On Friday, July 20, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter announced the launch of the Data Transfer Project (DTP), a joint initiative to create a common open-source, service-to-service data portability platform that …

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