How to use Instagram to boost your E-Commerce Site Sales A collection of valuable Instagram Tools for boosting Your E-commerce Site’s sales and conversion rates: Ads, Video, Carousel & more

How to use Instagram to boost your E-Commerce Site Sales

Instagram today is definitely not just a platform for posting a selfie: this user-friendly and popular social networking site is helping e-commerce businesses to effectively promote their services and products, get in touch with the perfect target audience, and successfully engage with them. Instagram is known to facilitate e-commerce business success thanks to its effective big data analytics.

Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users and so there are tremendous opportunities to reach, attract, and engage the right target audience.

Instagram Ad Targeting

Instagram Ad Targeting is an effective tool that would be assisting you in filtering your search basically for the right audience and then targeting them with confidence. You must necessarily have a business profile and preferably a Facebook page for running Instagram advertisements. Ad Targeting has the unique ability to target audience separately according to their likings and preferences. Moreover, it makes sure that you are investing your time and money on the right platform for boosting conversion rates of the e-commerce site; you could now understand your precise target audience according to their interest. This tool would be assisting you in analyzing interests by each and every age group.

You may consider filtering your audience so that you could provide specific products that your target audience would surely connect and engage with. This would be boosting sales opportunities, conversions, and profits for your e-commerce site. You need to know your audience well and understand their attitude and behavior. Furthermore, you could understand the audience by constantly monitoring user behavior and attitude as per consumer classification. This would effectively assist you in reaching new and wider audience for implementing your marketing strategies.

Instagram Video Advert Targeting

In 2016 Instagram officially included video as a key promotional tool which would be allowing e-commerce and other business owners to come up with a one-minute video advertisement for grabbing the attention of the relevant audience and helping them to effectively engage with their specific brand.

A ‘Learn More’ or a ‘Call-to-Action’ button would be provided for linking with your e-commerce site. By simply performing effective video advert targeting, you could encourage and help your followers for Instagram to take effective action on the go. For example, if you have introduced a new service or product and you wish to do massive promotional campaigns, you could use the tool for informing your customers in an innovative and creative way. This tool would help to optimize effectively all your video-targeting strategies eventually.

Instagram Carousel Advert Targeting

This is an effective Instagram tool that helps e-commerce business owners, as well as, marketers. It enables them to connect and engage customers effectively with their products by using manifold carousel cards that have links to your website’s different landing pages.  For example, suppose you are involved in an online apparel or footwear business. Instagram carousel tool would let you display your product in various angles. It would provide precise details for every carousel images so that your potential customers are able to get better information.


We could cover just a few of the Instagram tools. There are many more for you to explore. With each of these effective tools, you could devote more time to create quality content and you would require spending much less time in posting. You would be able to attain phenomenal success in all your promotional campaigns that take place on this social media platform. Use Instagram tools and effectively save time, increase your number of followers, and boost your e-commerce business.

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