Top 5 IT-related Instagram Accounts worth following Five Instagram following suggestions worth considering for most IT specialists: Martin_lasek, Peoplewhocode, Lifewithcoding, Marcusmichaels,

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Today the IT sphere becomes more and more inclusive and welcoming to newcomers who were earlier getting an education in another field and today are willing to gain a new specialization that would help them with making money wherever they are and whatever their lifestyle is.

In this article, we will give you some good Instagram following suggestions that you should consider if you’re counting yourself as an IT specialist: some of them are helpful in terms of learning something new in programming, and some will keep you up with the latest trends and news in the sphere.

#1. Martin_lasek

This one is for people who are trying to learn Swift and programming for iOS and Mac – a very helpful page that will give you a closer look on different difficulties and specialties that you need to know while creating an app or a PC program. Bonus: a look into the life of a freelancer-programmer and a possibility to learn how new programming languages are being created. Nice!

#2. Peoplewhocode

This is gold for everyone who already is full-on in this sphere and for the people who are just starting off. This account has gathered tons of helpful QA’s with people who are coding and working all around the world. Here you will be able to find insides from the IT specialists from different spheres and, if you are only thinking about starting your way in this sphere, you might get inspired to try something precise or find answers to the questions that were bothering you lately.

#3. Lifewithcoding

This one is all about equipment – it is no secret that coding requires some special technical devices and here you will be able to see how a decent setup is being formed. You won’t be able to get any links for purchase here, but an inspiration – for sure. We can surely say that there is nothing better than searching for a device yourself, reading all the reviews and figuring out what you (exactly you) need. Plus, lots of shops have limits in terms of delivery and payments, this is why it is always better to look for something yourself, based on your location.

#4. Marcusmichaels

This is a front-end developer who lives in England and gives lots of helpful pieces of advice on how to find a balance between work and rest, and shares all the good and bad about his work. Plus, sometimes you will be able to find some helpful tips on programming itself. A very nice, light, and interesting profile to be subscribed to.


This one is for the students – the profile is being lead by a girl who studies coding in Chicago. She’s sharing all the little details about how she learns to code and what tools and methods she is using for it. It is very nice and heartwarming to see that somebody else (lots of people, actually) is trying as hard as you, isn’t it? On such pages, it is also quite easy to find friends in the comments and join them on your shared way towards a good job in IT.


We highly recommend you to follow these pages and take everything you can from them – plus, if you press a button with a symbol of a human with a plus underneath these pages’ bio, you will be able to find many other profiles that resemble these ones and can give you even more information on the subject.

If you are looking for tutorials on how to code exactly, you are able to find lots of free information on other social media platforms as well. We are highly recommending Youtube, as this is a platform that wins first place in the amount of free content for IT specialists. If you have a mistake in your code, you can enter it as it is in the search box and you will get tons of videos on how to solve it. Yes, it works! If you want to search for something like this on Insta, you can do it as well, but this time you need to use hashtags and the search section of the app.

In addition to the profiles that we have given you, it is also quite nice to follow the pages of people who now show a great impact on the sphere. It is not only about people, it is also about companies: and although you will not be able to find lots of helpful info for your programming in their accounts, you will be able to follow the trends and the moods that they are setting for this sphere. And this is very important, especially for those people who are currently looking for a job already and are trying to understand which section of IT goes through the major right now and needs more specialists. Trends in IT are changing quite rapidly, so you have to always keep up with them and monitor every little shift.

And the last small piece of advice – meme accounts about programmers can sometimes give you an even bigger inside into the life of a specialist and the sphere in general. Plus, there are profiles that post memes according to the latest trends and the latest most common mistakes and difficulties in coding. So look those up and add them to your following list by yourself: everybody has a different sense of humor, so we are not able to give you a decent piece of advice here.

Good luck with all your beginnings, we are sure that you will do well if you will not give up halfway to success!

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