3 Social Media Tips for your Web Design & Development Business in 2018 Three Social Media Tips that could help you to take your web site to the next level in 2018: writing unique content, showcasing & paying attention to reviews.

3 Social Media Tips for your Web Design & Development Business in 2018

Social media is not easy if you do not know the rules of the game. If you have a web design and development business, it calls for a lot of your time, effort, and hard work to build a social media strategy to improve your brand presence. Your existing and prospective clients spend a lot of time on the internet, viewing, learning, engaging, and buying products. Consequently, online shoppers have shifted from the conventional brick-and-mortar store to online shops. So if you want to survive, you need to integrate social media into your web design or development business.

Here are three cool tips to help you take your venture to the next level.

#1. Share Unique Content

You have heard that ‘Content is king’. However, creating original, creative, and useful content is tough. Your articles, in-house blogs, and guest posts should engage your prospective buyers and generate leads. Now, this is easier said than done. Your website content and blog articles describing your web design and development services should be shareable. And you can do this through social media. Generate more content and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. More content sharing leads to enhanced web presence and visibility, thus driving traffic to your website.

#2. Showcase Visual Design Creativity

You are into web design, which is a creative field. Therefore, make the most out of it. Use motion graphics, custom images, graphics, and videos for getting free Instagram likes, or use like-for-like community-based services such as Like4Like.com (disclaimer: I'm currently working for that company).

Attractive and user-oriented content will keep visitors hooked to your site and inspire them to share your content. One of the best platforms to highlight visual design creativity is Instagram. So if you are a web designer, structure your Instagram feed. Imagine that you sell kid’s toys online. Well, if you have the creative prowess, you can alternate between videos and images with consistent yellow overlays that match your site’s theme and branding. Yellow because you are into kid’s toys and the color represents joy, delight, and cheerfulness. Create short videos of your products, for example, wood toy boxes, teaching children how to use them. It will also encourage others in your industry.

#3. Draw Attention to Your Product or Service Reviews

Let us imagine that you are looking for a restaurant to dine with your buddy from school during the weekend. You have shortlisted three restaurants. One restaurant has no seats left and crammed with people while the other has no footfall. We would recommend that you take a look at the restaurants’ Facebook and Instagram pages before you decide. Do not be carried away by a mere 5-star rating. Look for detailed customer reviews.Choose the one with an elaborate andpositive review describing the food quality, hygiene, cleanliness, ambiance, serving time, and waiter courtesy. The same rule applies to web design business. Create a stellar design for your clients to exceed their expectations. Your clients will share some good words about your business on social media if they are happy with your service.


You do not require detailed planning and huge investments to implement these social media tips for your business. So what are you waiting for? Start forging a robust social media presence to make your web design business pop.


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