Top Instagram-friendly WordPress Themes for 2018 An updated list containing some of the top Instagram-Friendly WordPress Themes available on the market in 2018

Top Instagram-friendly Wordpress Themes for 2018

Instagram has become a raging success in the social media landscape. Thanks to its phenomenal success, the actual popularity of a celeb is evaluated these days by looking at the number of Instagram followers he or she has, and taking it as the yardstick. With more than 800 million monthly active users, Instagram has a robust potential of providing new avenues for several businesses by establishing a following and using that for driving visitors to social media accounts, your products, and your website.

Instagram has tremendous potential for generating more and more customers for your brand or business. If you are selling products, you could exhibit them on the Instagram and you could thus, drive a whole lot of traffic to your site. In this context, you could avail paid Instagram advertising or get in touch with influencers for promoting your business with fully-paid pictures.

You could seamlessly integrate your Instagram feed into your WordPress site in numerous ways. You could consider using a theme that has Instagram built-in support and you could exhibit your most-recent pictures on your WordPress website allowing the visitors to your site to follow you on the Instagram platform. In case your theme is missing Instagram support, you could consider using a free plugin for adding it to your website. Here are the most effective WordPress themes for catering to your unique requirements. Consider browsing for top grade Instagram marketing solutions.


The fascinating and highly-responsive Belle is a highly popular WordPress theme that allows all your content to dazzle with a crisp, clean, and flexible design. Belle is known to flaunt robust features such as full-width layouts, sidebar layouts, feature sliders, comprehensive advertising & management, tabs, galleries, and carousels. Belle is a splendid theme and an absolute pleasure to implement.


The Schema is a truly graceful and relatively new WordPress theme but it is highly responsive and is just right for food & recipes, personal blogs, fashion, and travels etc. The Schema is supposed to be fully compatible with Instagram, It boasts of a streamlined and handsome design that is nicely coordinated by a comprehensive selection of extremely robust and flexible features.


Adriana is exceptionally attractive and it has been designed for fashion bloggers. This theme could be used without any effort and it loads quickly. Furthermore, it could be used effectively with the widget called ‘Shop My Closet’ for exhibiting wholeheartedly your precise fashion forward credentials most effectively.


Halona is supposed to be a personal blog theme in WordPress created particularly for bloggers. However, Halona is compatible with all sorts of creative websites. The prime focus is on simplicity and minimalism is the key to this gorgeous theme that provides 8 diverse post formats, 5 sidebar areas, and 9 different widgets for experimenting.


NewLine is known to be a multi-concept and a neat WordPress blog theme. It is totally responsive and offers a host of robust customizable and effective theme options like Drag & Drop Page Builder, WooCommerce support, WPML Multi-Lingual plugin support, and RTL Language support. Instagram and other social media platforms could be integrated seamlessly and that too quite effortlessly.


Clementine is a truly neat, elegant, and cutting-edge blog that would be adapting easily to your unique and creative style. It boasts multiple custom options like display columns to shortcodes, social icons, and buttons, a broad range of widgets and all social media sharing platforms including Instagram.


Venezia is supposed to be a really simple and minimalist Instagram-ready highly-responsive WordPress theme that has been designed particularly to be used by all kinds of bloggers. The comprehensive features and the streamlined nature seem to attract many and prove to be quite appealing to all.


The Alphabet is a WordPress theme that is meant precisely for the creative types and the bloggers. This theme is Instagram-ready and just right for all other such social media platforms. This elegant and light theme in combination with a host of customizable features could prove to be compatible with a wide range of websites.


Nanopress is a high-quality personal blog template which could be used for getting a clean design and for SEO optimization. This theme is completely responsive and could be seen perfectly across a wide range of devices right from mobile to PC.

Black Bear

An incredibly modern theme for the modern creative professional, Black Bear is an excellent choice that provides four completely customizable blog layouts with Sticky Menu, Extended Promo Boxes, Large Featured Slider, and Responsive and Retina Design which make it one of the most attractive options out there.


Ayla is an excellent theme that takes pride in its simplicity. It is designed to be responsive and also offers a great customizable palette and five layouts with full-width and dual sidebar options. It has an awesome feature list that is bound to impress.


Designed to impress any beholder, Enchant is an excellent WordPress theme with a very clear and fully responsive design. There are plenty of homepage customization options like sliders, subscription boxes and other styles and layouts that allow you to craft a beautiful, functional website.


Random is a very modern and smart theme that encourages customization so that you can tell your own story and stand out while being able to use its functionality to the fullest. It is fully Instagram compatible and will allow your pictures and visual content to take center-stage.


A very lightweight and flexible responsive theme, Blueberry is excellent for your personal blogs. It is clean, optimized for SEO, accommodative of Instagram feeds and is a great call for anyone looking to make an online marketing impact.


Ashley has been created with the underscores framework and is power-packed, coming with 6 post formats, 8 sidebar options, 3-page templates and an excellent widget for featured posts. It is a great choice for anyone looking for flexibility in website design.


For the longest time, WordPress has been the go-to CMS for folks who are interested in building a website but not so much in coding it from the ground up. These amazing themes reinforce that philosophy by allowing you to create excellent, functional websites without investing a lot of time or requiring too many creative skills.

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