Five alternatives they didn’t shut down (yet) le alternative principali (non ancora chiuse)

After the abrupt shutdown of, one of the most popular and successful torrent search engines during the last 13 years, a whole lot of bittorrent file-sharing protocol enthusiasts are arguably looking for a viable alternative out there.

While we wait to know more about the reason the website has been closed it can be useful to many to quickly recap the other bittorrent search engines that are still available on the network, until the US authority (or any other local authority) will shut them down too. Before going further, we would like to clearly state that we don’t have any affiliation or partnership with the following web sites, being the listing below  for informative reasons only: it’s also worth to remember that the mere use of the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol is not an illegal act and that there are hundreds of thousands torrents related to non-copyrighted files and/or material that can be downloaded for free.

  •, home of the ETTV and ETRG release groups.
  •, a Bulgarian website initially born as tracker which then became an actual torrent search engine.
  •, one of the best community driven torrent-based search engines, although it reportedly had some non-trivial administrative issues lately which could compromise its reliability in the near future.
  •, a torrent search engine mostly dedicated to movies and TV series.
  • this is known to be the “new” KickAss Torrents, now also available on TOR using this alternative address. For recent news & updates regarding this new project, we suggest reading its official blog.


That’s it for now: happy surfing!


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