ASP.NET Core: Cloud-ready, Enterprise Web Application Development - The Book

ASP.NET Core: Cloud-ready, Enterprise Web Application Development - The Book

After some weeks of delay due to technical reasons the Learning Path edition of my ASP.NET Core and Angular book is finally out throughout the Amazon (and non-Amazon) marketplaces all over the world. The name is ASP.NET Core: Cloud-ready, Enterprise Web Application Development and it comes as part of the Packt Book's Learning Path series: each of these paths features a different course for readers to give them a one-stop learning experience with different technologies. Needless to say, the course is about a full-stack programming experience with ASP.NET Core, using modern client-side frameworks (such as Angular) for the GUI part.

Here's the updated cover:

ASP.NET Core: Cloud-ready, Enterprise Web Application Development - The Book

The book is a 1414-page monster that will guide the reader through a full-scale development journey into the ways of C# and ASP.NET Core, from the most basic principles to the key features of the MVC pattern and client-server interactions using Web API Controllers and XHR calls. The most interesting part - at least in my opinion - is the wide section dedicated to performance improvements in .NET Core, featuring a number of different approaches such as: load-balancing, asynchronous patterns & workflows, avoiding premature optimization, network-level and I/O level scaling and more.

You can find the book on its dedicated section within the Packt website, where you can purchase it or download as part of your Mapt subscribtion (which you can even activate for 10 days free of charge from this page), or get it from the following stores:

Here's the book GitHub official repo, containing the full source-code for all the included modules.

That's it for now: happy reading!| Also, if you like the book, be sure to leave us a positive review!


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