ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 - The Book

ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 - The Book

My ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 book is finally out! The publisher did an awesome job, as it's already available through a number of major online e-book market stores such as,, iTunes, Kobo as well as on the Packt website.

UPDATE: First sales data: #1 in Japan, #3 in UK, Best Seller in Germany and France!

The whole experience was a blast, since I got the chance to work side by side with a number of IT professionals who helped me reviewing and finalizing this 470-page monster, debugging more than 5.000 lines of source code samples (everything is also available on GitHub) and publishing the sample SPA on the website.

In the following day I will release here some significative highlights/content snippets of the book contents, to give the readers the chance to evaluate the product before spending their money to get it. For the time being, here's a quick overview of what the book is about: I hope it will help many ASP.NET developers to make the shift from ASP.NET 4 to ASP.NET Core and also from AngularJS to the brand-new Angular 2 framework. Happy reading!


Learn how to connect ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 to build powerful and dynamic applications from scratch with this guide to cutting-edge web development.

About This Book

  • Build a complete single page application with two of the most impressive frameworks in modern development
  • Find out how to bring together the capabilities and features of both Angular 2 and ASP.NET Core
  • From managing data, to application design, through to SEO optimization and security – take a comprehensive approach to building your next web project

Who This Book Is For

ASP.NET developers – find out how to bring Angular 2 into your development stack and extend your skillset so you can build even better single page applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Find out how ASP.NET Core's and Angular 2's features perfectly complement each other
  • Learn how to set up the resources you need and configure the MVC 6 interface
  • Handle requests and actions using server-side and client-side Routing
  • Create the Data Model using Entity Framework Core
  • Learn how to use Angular 2 components and master directives
  • Implement a token-based authorization and authentication flow supporting external login providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and more
  • Create responsive, mobile-friendly views using Bootstrap and LESS
  • Setup and optimize your production environment using IIS and SQL Server
  • Secure your application against a diverse range of dangerous security threats

In Detail

Writing code is about striking a balance between maintainability and productivity—how quickly you can write it against how much more you have to write in the future. This is a guide to doing just that by combining the impressive capabilities of ASP.NET Core and Angular 2. It shows you how to successfully manage an API and use it to support and power a dynamic single-page application.

We'll show you how to construct your data model and manage routing and redirects before wrapping it up and styling it, all with the help of ASP.NET and Angular 2. You'll also learn how to optimize your application for SEO, check and secure any vulnerabilities, implement a viable authentication mechanism and, last but not least, use the proper tools and strategies for successful deployment. From readable URIs to OData retrieval and authentication patterns, we'll make sure you have all the technical knowledge you need and, more importantly, bring it all together so you can focus on what's important: a high-quality application that performs for users.

Style and approach

More than just a technical manual, this guide takes you through the most important technical facets of developing with these two hugely popular frameworks and then demonstrates how to put those skills into practice. It's a book that recognizes that what's really important is the end product.

About Ryan

IT Project Manager, Web Interface Architect and Lead Developer for many high-traffic web sites & services hosted in Italy and Europe. Since 2010 it's also a lead designer for many App and games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices for a number of italian companies. Microsoft MVP for Development Technologies since 2018.

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12 Comments on “ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 - The Book”

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  3. I bought the book and I’m enjoying reading it.
    It would be great if I could copy-paste the codes from kindle to c#. It adds some spaces and copy right to the code.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment (and for purchasing the book)! I will forward your suggestion to the editor, maybe it can take it into consideration for the next release.

      Meanwhile, I can definitely suggest you to use the GitHub repository related to the book, where you will find the whole source code in a very cut/pastable fashion :)

      I have split it into the 10 Chapters, so you will easily find out everything you need to cut-paste.

      1. Yes I have downloaded it, but some codes are added gradually to a class in a chapter, and if I use the github, it only has end of chapter files. I hope it makes sense

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  6. I just picked up this book. Maybe it’s mentioned in the book but is there a github repository for the code?

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