Zen Cart Review - Open-Source Store Management System for the E-commerce Industry An extensive review of the most popular alternative to Magento in the Store & E-Commerce Management System

Zen Cart Review - Open-Source Store Management System for the E-commerce Industry

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to experience strategic blackouts, tactical disorientations. And yes, at times, you are going to be baffled by new ideas both limiting and perspective. And in this highly changing market dynamics where things are getting embedded in the digital platform, you need to have robust digital marketing strategy so that your worries and concerns about the future are pacified.

What should be the right strategic path?

Well, you cannot get surefire proven strategic methodology that will push your brand ahead because the strategy is itself an experimental ideology. Of course, it is the data-driven idea which makes it immune to failure.

First, you have to understand the dynamics of the digital ecosystem, consumer behavior on this platform and their preferences before you could mobilize any strategy to gain competitive advantage. The market research suggests that the global e-commerce is poised to generate $650 billion in the year 2018. Yes, e-commerce should be your first strategic move.

Zen Cart Review - Open-Source Store Management System for the E-commerce Industry

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What should you actualize strategic idea into business reality?

Strategy on the paper is just an idea and you have to materialize that idea and the first step to translate the idea into reality is to create an e-commerce website. But your success essentially depends on the development platform and services that you choose to kick off your strategic move.

What should be the ideal e-commerce development platform?

Out of hundreds and thousands of platforms, frameworks available in the market, no one can tell you which is the best platform, but if you want to create a website that addresses your entrepreneurial needs, Zen Cart could easily be your ideal choice because it to designed to solve most of entrepreneurs’ problems.

Let’s look at the benefits of Zen Cart:

  • It can create an effective content management system using PHP and extensible MySQL database feature.
  • It can offer you the multi-store and multi-customer operational mode that would drive your growth.
  • It will greatly help you (or your developers) to create aesthetically appealing e-commerce websites. You cannot deny the fact that customers are judging you by the appearance of your website. Hence, a beautiful looking e-commerce site can increase your conversion rate because it creates the trust.  The brand affinity is all about trust.

Zen Cart enables you to deliver effective content like gift cards, discount coupons, special offers and so on. And by using these features, you will be able to deploy robust digital marketing strategy to your advantages. Zen Cart also supports multiple currencies, offers multiple payment gateways and enables the developers to craft a smooth checkout process, but you need to activate a partnership program with the best Zen Cart development company to make these features available.
Zen Cart Review - Open-Source Store Management System for the E-commerce Industry

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Choosing the best development company

The development companies are basically than a set of ideas, values, and ethics. Yeah, right, that is the philosophical side of the business; the technical and operational side will entail expertise, skills, qualification, and experience. So, how are you going to choose the best company? Of course, nobody can tell you what to do, but you can certainly look at the experience of the company and their reach to identify the best amongst this rampant mediocrity.

A company with the global presence should be your first preference because they will be able to understand the minds of your customers easily. Look at the world and you are going to discover that you are dealing with minds and company with global reach has the better understanding of the minds, right?Also, ensure that you look at their profile and browse through previous work.  You also need to check out their workflow, technical support and customer service department because you do not want a non-performing site on a high volume business day. In addition, the expert company will safeguard you against the online hacking community.

Security is also an important aspect of e-commerce site, as you'll be dealing with money and on the digital platform manipulation is not a difficult task: hence, it is imperative that you find a decent Zen Cart development company. Finally, you should be looking at the cost factor too: an experienced company can give you customized service. By choosing customized service, you will be keeping things under control because a defining approach always makes things simple. If you want my advice on this, try the Ethane Technologies website and ask for a free quote.



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