The Beginner's Guide to Understand Sandboxing Technology A brief insight to become confident with the concepts of isolation and safe environment topics


An Important Next Generation solution which deals with the unknown threats, now has an answer in form of a sandbox technology, let us understand a little more about this technology, a sandbox, which operates in isolation and safe environment, which imitates the entire system of the computer and which accepts and executes the suspicious programs to understand the purpose, without putting the organization’s network at risk.

Here is a video which explains Sandboxing in Google Chrome:

The Need of Sandboxing

Sandboxing is a popular technique for creating isolated execution environments. Which can be used for running untrusted programs from untrusted internet sites.

Hence sophisticated, targeted malware, designed to evade detection is detected and blocked and detonated in the sandbox. It keeps your PC and your personal data more secure while not affecting your server. And it helps to run your Web browser within the sandbox to prevent damage from any infections to the server. Since it provides a platform to test malware and other risky pieces of codes, hence it is user-friendly. And it can also detect unknown viruses with the least risk of false alarms. In fact, small businesses are easy targets for attacks, hence organizations of all sizes must consider installing Sandbox technology. Earlier it was run on dedicated hardware, backed by a team of analysts which only large organizations could afford. However by moving it to the cloud which reduces the cost and can be shared across multiple customers with centralized analysts.

How do I choose the best sandbox?

Always ensure that you buy a sandbox which is tested and rated independently and do not depend on vendors claims on performance and effectiveness. Also, ensure that the sandbox works in conjunction with the present technologies to provide an additional layer of protection.

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