How writing (great) blog posts will positively impact your SEO score Do you think blogging can help your SEO score? Time to find out the reasons in details!

How writing (great) blog posts will positively impact your SEO score

There are so many people looking forward to make a living out of blogging. Things have grown since the time blogging was first introduced in digital marketing, and it has grown for the betterment. Now, blogging seems to be a significant part of SEO. The main and biggest concern that people have these days is whether blogging helps SEO or not.

For any question popping up in your mind, you know you have Google for the answer. For most of the people out there, widely popular search engines will be their first stop to find answers to queries. That means no matter whatever type of website you are running right now, in case you want people to know who you are, you have to show up in the search engines as the first step towards successful business mantra. This procedure is tough and one easy way to work on it in to improve chances of higher ranking in search engine is by starting a blog.

Does it really help?

Well, you might have this question on whether blogging really help SEO or not. Well, the answer is towards the positive side. But having a blog is not a ranking factor over here as there are much more to it. Blogging is always good for the SEO field as it helps with innumerable things, which are important as the ranking factors. Whenever you have blog that is updated on a regular basis with the blog posts that are of higher quality and on topics quite relevant to the audiences, it can easily make a grand difference on ways the entire website might perform in search engines.

Refreshing your website content

If you ever come across a website which has not been updated or years now, then you will lose some trust on the working functionality of the website. You might think that the company representing the blog or the website might have been out of business and could not provide updated information that has been debunked or changed from last update.

  • Google will never want to deliver searchers any of the outdated information. Websites, regularly updated, are more like presenting signals that they are alive and presenting fresh content. It can further provide the search engine algorithms with some more reasons to index website often and keeping it more on radar always.
  • There will be no reason for you to update the homepage at such a frequent rate. So, a newly crafted or revamped blog will be a great practical tool for adding some of the more new contents to website just on regular basis.

Keeping people longer on your website

The number one or major priority of Google is to provide people who are performing searches with the accurate information they are aiming for so that they might keep coming back to Google for more answers.

  • If anyone with the search clicks on the first link that pops up on their screen and then find it to be rather un-useful and leaves to go back to search page, it tells Google that the first result was not that helpful as expected.
  • Then, if someone gets to click on the result and they stay on website for a longer while, then it signals to Google that the website is actually quite a helpful one.
  • Even though Google might not have said outright that dwell time is a definite ranking factor, they have already made some of the statements to clear this point out.
  • Someone visiting your website from blog post is going to have some reasons to stick towards your website and read the whole thing when compared to someone else who lands on page with less information or text.
  • It becomes the case with some of the comprehensive and longer posts. SEO researchers have already found out that long form blog posts will perform better than any of the shorter ones. The average first page result on search engines like Google will be around 2000 words long.

Targeting the long tail keywords

Various people are starting out SEO with the aim to catch hold of the most relevant keywords for businesses. It might be one nice goal to start with unless you are the biggest one in your said industry. Before that, it is going to be a hard time landing for that top spot in the search engines. SEO is noted to be quite competitive. So, the best bet for the brands is to check out for the more specified and longer keywords that people are searching for and proven to be relevant to businesses and trying to rank those.

These sections are mainly noted as long tail keywords and quite important for the SEO strategy. Mostly, the terms which are four words or longer and considered to be long tail ones.

  • But these keywords might be a bit awkward to be fit right into product pages. But, they can be perfect fit to target the blog posts. For example, a store selling amp gears will use blog posts to offer information on best camping gears for allotted seasons and more.
  • These searches are not going to attract as much traffic as the basic keywords will, but will come clearly to people who are within the target groups. If you can make it to the number one page, then you are about to receive a lot more traffic for these topics that you might have one page five or fifteen for the broader and more popular terms.


Blogging will always have this good relationship with SEO. It can always help in expanding your business and heading towards the best result. You can make way for your business to grow outstandingly and blogging will help in attracting more crowds towards your traffic.


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  1. Really Great post.
    Using long-tail keywords really helps in increasing clicks from the targeted audience. Embedding videos on the webpage is a good idea to keep people on your webpage.

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