What Is A Heat Map In Digital Marketing And How Can It Help You Perfect Your Website? How you can utilize heat maps to track your website users behavior and take your website to even greater heights

What Is A Heat Map In Digital Marketing And How Can It Help You Perfect Your Website?

Today, your website is so much more than a face for your online presence. It’s not just a shop-front, but the central foundation upon which your brand and business can thrive online. That means, if you want to reach your full potential and make as much money as possible online, you need to perfect your website in every way possible.

In this article, we’re going to talk about heat mapping in digital marketing and how you can utilize the technology to take your website to even greater heights. Let’s get stuck in!

What is heat mapping in digital marketing?

Heat mapping is the process of measuring the amount of activity on your website using a visual color spectrum ranging from cool (blue) to hot (red), indicating which areas of a web page get the most interaction.

Why is heat mapping so important?

Heat mapping is becoming popular for marketers and web designers because it enables them to track and measure which areas of their websites receive the most attention from their visitors. This easy visual aid is beneficial for detecting any problem areas and what could be hindering conversions.
This is a particularly handy tool because it resembles the heat map of a weather forecast that we are all familiar with. As such, it can be very easy to identify the areas on a web page that are working and which are not (without having to do too much in the way of complicated detective work).

Heat mapping can help yield amazing data

Again, the fact that you can ‘see’ the data makes heat mapping so attractive. For some people, using various analytics tools and being presented with pages of numbers isn’t a problem. However, for other people who struggle with so much information, a visual aid like a heat map can help you ‘see the problem’ instead.

  • Scroll data. How far are users scrolling down your pages? Which info is getting less visibility? Where do users stop and abandon a web page?
  • Click data. Which features are attracting the most clicks on a page? Is your call to action getting the attention it deserves? Are people clicking on a certain image because they are expecting a link with more information?
  • Navigation data. When people land on your home page, how many are navigating their way around the rest of the site with ease? Are most heading to your services pages? Heat mapping can help you understand the average journey on your website.

Conclusion: Gain actionable insights at a glance

Again, analytics tools can yield some amazing data, however, heat maps can be very helpful for identifying problem areas on your website with great speed and accuracy. If you are almost certainly a ‘visual learner’ using heat maps to analyse and perfect your website is highly recommended.

In any case, if you are struggling to find time to properly manage and maintain your website – and indeed you are looking to get more customers converting through your website – then it may be worth looking into automation and hiring an SEO company in Dubai (or any other country that offers affordable SEO pricing plans).

A well-established agency with plenty of social proof can take care of the major grunt work in the back end of your website so you don’t have to waste too much time working on it by yourself.



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