Quick Guide to the WordPress Genesis Framework Explore the Genesis Framework, a great way to create WordPress sites even without HTML, PHP and coding knowledge

Quick Guide to the WordPress Genesis Framework

When it comes to developing WordPress websites, many users struggle to know what to do if they don’t have the same level of coding knowledge as a developer.

They might worry that they’re unable to create a site, or they might feel as though they have to hire a freelancer to do the work for them. But if someone is in the process of launching their own business, having to figure out how to code or having to come up with the funds for a freelancer might not be an option for them.

The good news is, there are still ways to create WordPress sites, even if you don’t know how to code. One of the ways is with Genesis Framework, which is a theme framework.

What is Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework is a way to quickly and easily build a WordPress site, no matter what level of experience you have with coding. This is because Genesis Framework is a WordPress theme framework.

A WordPress theme framework already provides a strong foundation for a site. However, users can then go in and create a child theme based on that framework. A child theme uses the same strong foundation as the theme framework but can be customized for your business.

Genesis Framework is one of the most popular theme frameworks because of how many features it has to offer, and because it can be customized without knowledge of coding.

What are the benefits of using a theme framework?

Theme frameworks come with many benefits. Even those with advanced knowledge of website development use theme frameworks, because of how quickly they allow people to put sites together.

Theme frameworks offer secure, SEO optimized, well-coded foundations for websites. The ability to further customize a framework by creating a child theme is why they’re so popular. You can use create a custom design for your site while taking advantage of that strong foundation.

Most theme frameworks use a drag-and-drop editor feature where you drag various elements of the design around. Once you have elements where you want them, you can further customize colors, images, fonts, and more.

What features does Genesis Framework offer?

Genesis Framework is a popular choice for many users because of how many features it has to offer. Users have their choice from a selection of pre-made page templates to begin building their website.

Once page templates are in place, users can start to customize colors, images, headers, backgrounds, logos and more. You can also add additional widgets to your site, which helps to further customize it. Genesis Framework templates are already mobile responsive.

Installing templates and starting to customize only takes a matter of minutes. In addition to the features mentioned above, you also receive unlimited upgrades. To learn more about Genesis Framework, check out this guide.

What pricing options are available?

Genesis Framework has two different pricing options:

  • The Genesis Framework Package is $59.95USD and gives you access to the framework, site updates, a year of support, and access to tutorials.
  • Pro Plus Membership is $499.95USD and includes everything in the Genesis Framework Package, as well as access to every Genesis Framework theme made by the development team.

For those that are developing multiple websites, a pro membership could help them save money. For those that aren’t sure about Genesis Framework, a sample theme is available. Users can download the sample theme onto their WordPress site to get an idea of what a Genesis theme looks like.

Are there other theme frameworks to consider?

Of course! Genesis Framework is not the only WordPress Theme framework available. The marketplace continues to evolve, but in addition to Genesis Framework, there are a few other popular choices available.

Headway uses a similar drag-and-drop framework and includes a starter theme that is easy to customize: prices start at $89USD. Thesis 2.0 also offers a drag-and-drop framework, though has fewer themes, and starts at $87USD. Those on a budget might consider Cherry Framework, which offers a free framework but charges for child themes.

The best way to find a theme framework that works for you is to do your research and read reviews. Most frameworks also offer free demos or sample themes.


When it comes to creating a WordPress site, using a WordPress Theme Framework can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed by codes. You can easily customize a site that has a strong foundation.

Genesis Framework is one of the more popular theme frameworks available, but there are also additional ones available.


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