LED Lights Tutorial - How to buy the best LEDs A comprehensive guide on how to buy the best led lights available on the market

LED Lights Tutorial - How to buy the best LEDs

LED lights have truly revolutionized the household lighting systems because of a myriad of benefits they entail. You not only reap the advantages of more efficient light but also reduce the overall cost in the long run.

As the initial price of LED light bulbs seems a bit on the higher side, some people think that these might not render the best value for their buck. However, that’s not the case. In fact, you can save a considerable amount of money merely by shifting to LED lights for all the household applications.

The initial cost shouldn’t scare you away as:

  1. You need to employ less number of LED bulbs for the same illumination level you get from traditional bulbs.
  2. LED bulbs tend to last longer when compared to their traditional counterparts.

This makes clear why LEDs have bombarded the marketplace, and their popularity is on an ever-increasing hike. Now, if you’re also planning to get along with this technology and transform your lighting regime with LED bulbs, there turn out to be numerous factors that need to be assessed before you take the plunge. First things first, you must narrow down to a reliable provider like VisualLed so that the quality of the obtained devices can be assured. There shouldn’t be any cost-cutting when it comes to getting along with a renowned supplier, as this ensures the underlying quality of LED bulbs.

This article further discusses prominent things that shouldn’t be ignored when you’re in the market for the best collection of LED bulbs.

Level of illuminance

The foremost thing to consider when it comes to purchasing LED light bulbs is how much bright you want the output to be. For this, you must assess the area to be illuminated so that the number of bulbs and their individual intensity can be identified. This is a crucial factor to determine because the right level of illuminance ensures the desired output is achieved.

Apart from the size of the room, factors like activities to be performed also come into the picture when you’re deciding on the illuminance level. If the activities require precision and innate focus, the lighting equipment to be employed has to be high-rated. So, make sure you pick the LED bulbs suitably such that the area can be well-lit for the purpose.

Fitting of the bulbs

You should also be proactive about the type of fitting your wall has before finalizing the LED bulb from a vendor. This is to ensure that the bulb doesn’t end up being loose and serves the purpose without any issue. Typically, Edison screw and Bayonet are the two prevalent types of wall fittings and should be kept into consideration by the buyer.

While these two fittings are visually distinguishable, there’s not much of a downside with any of these. You can get along with any of the fitting available in your area as long as you don’t have to use the equipment interchangeably.

Suitable color of the LED bulb

As LED bulbs are available in a multitude of color options, it’s obvious that the buyer has to make an informed decision before hitting the market. You can choose from a varied range of colors depending on the type of setting you want to achieve. LED lights won’t let you down regardless of the type of colorful ambiance you’re seeking. More so, these lights are also available in color-changing options that can be opted in case you are employing them for a party-like environment.

However, most LED lights don’t offer a color altering feature, which is why you should figure out the color beforehand. This color should go hand in hand with the type of environment you want to achieve, along with the activities you’re going to perform in that area.

Color rendering index (CRI)

You also need to ensure that the objects illuminated by the LED bulb are depicting their colors as close to reality as possible. This means the light source shouldn’t cause the objects to get deflected in terms of color rendering. The higher the color rendering index of a light bulb, the higher the chances that the object under it will show its actual color.

CRI of lighting equipment like LED is mentioned on the packaging so that you can figure out whether it suits your requirement or not. Figuratively,  lighting devices with CRI ranging from 80-95 are considered to be decent enough. So, you should be proactive about picking a bulb that doesn’t wander too far off when it comes to CRI.

Dimmable or non-dimmable

There are LED light bulbs that can be adjusted in terms of light intensity, and there are particular use cases in which this comes in handy. Depending on the type of operation, you can shift between multiple levels of intensity and select that one that suits the purpose. If you’re going to use the LED light in a party atmosphere, this is the one feature you must be looking for. On top of it, you can handpick LEDs that change color and go dim at the same time so that the ambiance can be set up to maximum fun.

Make sure you check this functionality in person before purchasing the device because there might be times a vendor hands you over a faulty bulb. Besides, assess the reviews and ratings so that you can be assured about the quality of the lighting equipment before bringing it home. You should prefer third-party sites when it comes to commenting on the credibility of the mentioned reviews as most testimonials on the supplier’s website might not be trustworthy.


Buying LED lights can be challenging when you don’t pay ample heed to the aspects mentioned in this guide because there is an exhaustive variety to pick from. This is why you should be mindful of all the critical factors before taking the plunge. After all, you are investing in a product that is meant to save the planet, so it’s apparent that the choice must be thoughtful.

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