What you should know about SEO in 2020 SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years: here's what you should know to improve your Search Engine Optimization strategies

What you should know about SEO in 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) officially took off with the launch of the first web search engine in 1997. Early SEO practices involve content creation, the use of keywords, technical SEO, etc but SEO has changed dramatically over the years. While content still matters today, it is no longer as important as it was at the early stage of SEO.

SEO Practices Today

One of the major drivers of change in the SEO domain is AI and machine learning. Being the kind of SEO, Google’s machine learning algorithms largely determine SEO practices. For instance, Google’s RankBrain determines how a website is ranked and also help to improve search result.

Since Google releases several algorithm updates in a year, it is difficult for anyone to keep to tabs with SEO practices, however, you can get hands on some 2020 SEO statistics to know the direction of flow of SEO in 2020 and even beyond.

SEO Statistics

SEO statistics can help you to know some key facts about search engine optimization and also how best to apply SEO practices to get the desired audience and reach for your business website. While there are hundreds of 2020 SEO statistics out there, it is advisable to go for statistics from recognized and notable professionals in the industry.

Furthermore, Site Centre provides more than 300 SEO statistics that could be useful to any business that wants to improve sales and market itself in Google search engine as well as other search engines. SEO has become more encompassing today; it does not just include content optimization but videos and e-commerce sites can now be optimized with SEO practices.

Relevant metrics you should know

Although a lot of people invest in paid search ads, organic SEO is about 5.66 times better than paid ads. Furthermore, technical SEO is a vital aspect of SEO that deserves a lot of attention. Most SEO specialists (about 59%) say that technical on-site optimization is the most effective SEO strategy.

A vital component of on-page optimization is a meta description. This is very important because it shows relevant content about the page even before the user clicks on the result. A 2020 SEO statistics revealed that 43% of people click on a search result based entirely on their meta description.


SEO has dramatically changed in 2020 and it has become even more competitive today than ever before. you need to arm yourself with relevant knowledge about SEO in order to stay relevant and competitive in the industry. 2020 SEO statistics can help you to know relevant tips about SEO and how to apply them in your marketing campaign.

Site Centre offers a lot of SEO tips and statistics but you can also get relevant statistics by following Google’s SEO guidelines or some top professionals in the SEO domains. With SEO, you can improve your sales and take your business a notch higher. In fact, SEO usually results in more sales than other internet marketing strategies, social media marketing inclusive.

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  1. Intresting post and That was an informative post. Yes, it is not possible to rank number #1 within six months with white HAT SEO activities. SEO is a long-term resulting technique. Using right techniques will take time but will deliver quality results that last long.

  2. I agree that you need to arm yourself with all the basic knowledge and even with all the information about seo on how it works and what are the latest trends that you should do to be an effective digital marketer.

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