SEO and Social Media Marketing Combined Strategy How to effectively attract audience using a SEO and Social Media Marketing combined strategy plan in 2018

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The quest for marketers in defining the audience and targeting them is a never-ending process which one has to practice diligently and with courage. The marketing landscape has gone through a significant overhaul ever since the social media platforms started taking center stage. The social media is one of the considerable disruptors of our times that has given more options for customer engagement and customer outreach. Notwithstanding the controversies surrounding the data scandals, the power of social media to add more value to businesses keeps increasing. The social media channels have immense potential to create higher engagement, generate more leads, raise brand awareness and above all, provide enhanced and consistent customer experience. By engaging closely with your customers of various social media channels, you can improve the prospects of driving more traffic to websites thereby increasing leads and conversions.

Although SEO and social media appear to be entirely different in its application, that both help to achieve similar marketing goals is the reason why you must include social media strategy together with SEO in your digital marketing package. The underlying relationship between the two helps to reinforce the marketing campaign as you see more sales and more revenue flowing in. Although social media is not a platform for selling yet, we talk about social selling. To know what is social selling and to understand its importance, go this article that provides some insight. Besides, you would also know how to launch your social selling strategy.

Meeting customer expectations

We are passing through an age of high technical excellence that has made possible to make businesses more dynamic by bringing it right in front of customers. Gone are the days when companies would woo customers to visit the stores and wait. The intense business competition and growing customer expectations are compelling businesses to use all resources at its disposal for getting closer to customers and provide a superior experience when interacting with companies. Against this backdrop, it becomes imminent that you have to understand customer expectations, know the online channels they frequent most and then take measures to take your business to those places. Since the majority of customers use the social media and remain active on various channels, you must bring your business there.

Endless possibilities

Social media has enabled businesses to reach out to the farthest customers that never had appeared on the marketers’ map before. Companies of all sizes can use the social media for marketing and selling in their ways. It will not be wrong to say that social media marketing begins where traditional marketing tactics end and creates endless possibilities of enhancing business prospects. It has changed the concept of marketing that now gives more emphasis on building relationships that automatically creates opportunities for selling.  Besides providing a superior experience to customers, social media enable businesses to convey value to customers by engaging with them closely in their buying journey.  While the customer base expands phenomenally, the social media campaign helps to build brand authority, gain trust and create a loyal band of customers.

When you couple SEO with social media strategies, it gives a tremendous boost to marketing as you experience a better business performance at all levels. The social media helps to generate more leads that facilitate higher conversions and sales.

Engage in cross promotion

The social media channels provide excellent opportunities for promoting your business across different marketing platforms.  While it is essential to create your business profile on social media channels that your target audience prefers and uses the most, it is not always necessary to create separate content for social media for business promotion.  You can link your website content to the social media profiles, and whenever you create any content for social media, you can link it back to your website. That social media and SEO can work hand in hand is evident from the opportunities of promoting the same content across different platforms. That is the reason why web designers provide social media buttons on websites so that it is easy for viewers to switch between the channels and the site effortlessly. By cross-promoting content, you can leverage your marketing efforts that promise high returns regarding traffic, leads, and conversions.

Adopt the best practices in social selling

Although we use the term social selling, you must know that the social media is not a seller, but it only promotes the business and brands to facilitate its sale whether online or in stores.  Since the social media campaign helps to sell products and services, people often see it as social selling.

  • To embark on a journey in social media marketing, first, ascertain the channels that you want to use for business. The channels that the target audience likes most are the ones where you should create your business profile. Create strategies that suit each channel.
  • Start using the channels actively by interacting with the audience on any pretext that has even some remote connection with your business. Post valuable content, engage in conversations and use every opportunity of answering questions that could help to project your authority in the industry niche. If you have local business interests, bring local issues to the table and create content that has a local flavor.Use content to establish your identity as a thought leader in the industry.
  • By interacting with customers on the social media platforms, you not only build relationships with them but also gather valuable insights about their online behavior and expectations. That should help to create content that conveys value and provides solutions that they are looking for. You can develop strategies to target potential customers. By communicating with them meaningfully, you can convert them into buying customers.

Social media marketing increases sales, but it does not mean that you have to pitch for selling. Building relationships is the secret of drawing customers closer and prevailing upon their senses and emotions that compels them to buy.


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