Understanding Salesforce Dx and the advantages of developing cloud-based applications An high-level review of the Salesforce Dx platform, a product that helps developing as well as managing Salesforce applications directly and efficiently

Understanding Salesforce Dx and the advantages of developing cloud-based applications

Salesforce is renowned as a professional provider of software as a service (SaaS) and a cloud-based platform [Disclaimer: I'm currently working for that company].

It comes with a vast collection of development tools which can be used to generate cloud-based business management applications. Among its various tools, Salesforce Dx is known to be one of the most popular devices. It is a Salesforce product that helps in developing as well as managing Salesforce applications more directly as well as efficiently. Users or developers need to understand various functional aspects of the tool.

Knowing the pros in details will eventually help you in that process. This article is all about discussing those positive things about this useful and easy-to-use platform.

Understanding the Production Org

If you are new to developing cloud-based applications with the help of Salesforce Dx, you need to learn about production org. What is it all about? Well, production org is considered the source of truth for the Salesforce Dx users. This will help to code, customizing as well as configuring the applications that you want to develop on the Salesforce platform. With this tool, updates and releases are done with perfection. Production org plays a significant role in the process of planning updates and releases for the applications.

In addition to these features, version controlling feature of Salesforce Dx is a popular option used by many people. Every software package comes with expiry schedule, and every application has its life cycle. When the app becomes not suitable for the modern as well as the current scenario, the new version replaces it. Of course, the latest version comes with many useful, unique and revamped features. To know more, you can check Flosum.com.

In the following section, the main advantages of Salesforce Dx will be discussed. For a more comprehensive product overview, you can check the official Salesforce Dx page or watch a demo.

Advantages of Using Salesforce Dx

SalesforceDx is an essential as well as highly advantageous tool for Salesforce. This tool comes with better integration, development, and disaster management features. In the following section, you can check various advantages of this tool.

  • SalesforceDx has introduced a lot of new features which intend to deliver better collaboration and team development options.
  • This tool offers continuous integration and automated testing options to the developers. As a result, development process gets seamless and accurate.
  • SalesforceDx intends offering agile as well as efficient release cycle features.
  • This tool gives users the freedom to transfer metadata from Github and all application sources.
  • Developers can attain a local development setup which will act as their workspace.
  • It comes with open technology and developers can use any tools for modification of the codes. For example, these tools like CLI, ATOM, Sublime, Vim, etc. can be used.

Understanding Salesforce Dx and the advantages of developing cloud-based applications

SalesforceDx is always helpful and productive for the entire business app development process. You can keep reading the new blogs and updates to understand more about Salesforce Dx in details. Subscribe to this channel to get immediate notifications about our latest blog posts, which are usually very informative and written by experienced bloggers.


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