A Beginner's Guide to Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) Tools How technology can help your company's sales staff to create accurate customized quotes for your products using a CPQ-based approach

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Has your sales staff been slowed down by the numerous manual activities required for every new quote? Whenever your organization does not use a CPQ, the answer is almost certainly yes. On average, non-CPQ users spend 73 percent longer to create a standard quote or proposal than those who use a CPQ application. Now would be the time to think about how technology may help your teamwork be more efficient. To prosper in the post-pandemic environment, 68 percent of buyers strongly think that B2B enterprises should become more adaptable and flexible. It's important to search for technologies that can assist you to automate the internal operations, allowing your team to focus on strategic advice rather than taking orders.

CPQ refers to Configure, Price, and Quote in production. In this post, through Salesforce CPQ Training we'll explain the issues the software solution addresses and how it can benefit your manufacturing company.

What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ)?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software seems to be a sales tool that assists firms in producing accurate customized quotes for their complicated products based on a continuously evolving set of factors. Pricing, costing, and business logic are all consolidated and mechanized in CPQ solutions. These are accessible in real-time in the cloud, allowing sales teams all over the country to sell just feasible configurations (or solutions) at the proper pricing for any individual client and sometimes even lot size. By establishing precise and competent sales, CPQ guarantees to boost income across all channels.

Which CPQ Software Should You Use?

Here's a list of the most relevant CPQ software solutions nowadays.

CPQ Apttus

The Apttus is frequently rated as the most effective company multi-channel sales solution. The global supplier, situated in Silicon Valley, is a blended platform that uses Salesforce, and IBM technology. HP, Adobe, PayPal, LinkedIn, are among Apptus' clients.

CPQ (Customer Service Queries) in Salesforce

When you already use Salesforce, it's highly advised that you use the native Salesforce platform. The cloud-based, simple-to-use app has a number of benefits, including easier management and an established track record. During quote production to cash collection, Salesforce CPQ helps to control the whole deal process.

CloudCallidus (SAP CPQ)

CallidusCloud, a world leader in cloud-based marketing and sales solutions, assists in the identification of leads, the allocation of territories and quotes, and the automation of CPQ. CallidusCloud is used by over 3900 enterprises, making it a one-of-a-kind strategy. Barclays, HSBC, and the NBA are among the clients.

In today's modern sales model, how is CPQ’s used?

Today's corporations rarely stay to a specific single model. Manufacturers offer a larger customer base, for each item offering a variety of alternatives and capabilities. The method DevOps and development are evolving in today's Lean and Agile sectors has resulted in this approach. For such businesses, CPQ software is essential since it may assist them in determining which product to the market depending on consumer wants. Sophisticated CPQ software could even take into account the financial environment, market price, and competitiveness to generate individual quotes for each customer.

Why is CPQ important?

Given the substantial advancements made recently, several businesses still depend on individual quoting methods. Although worksheets and emails might well have served you well during the prior, it's time to modernize your internal procedures to make them more efficient, intelligent, and effective. Salesforce CPQ not just streamlines the quotation generating process, but also provides your whole company with the right expertise through all sales processes. Everyone who uses the CPQ could see which agreements have already been completed and which are now in the process. Organizations could then utilize this data to create data-driven policies that impact both the company and its stakeholders. Salesforce claims that whenever the CPQ software is properly deployed, they've experienced an increase in sales.

Quote generation is 10 times faster, with a 95% reduction in time during the approval process Shifting from quote to cash is two times faster. For new reps, the ramp time is 30 percent faster.

What is CPQ software and how does it work?

Organizations will use a CPQ solution to boost their productivity levels and pace. Let's go down a three-set of the process that CPQ software undertakes to obtain a greater grasp of how it operates.

C- Configure

Configuration means the process of configuring your items in CPQ software. Companies are tailoring solutions, encounters, and goods to every client on an individual basis. Although this is a big benefit for consumers, it makes life more difficult for sellers. Unless, of course, CPQ software is implemented. Sophisticated product offerings will be configured to use these software tools to meet the particular requirements of the customers. CPQ software could also identify cross-sell and premium potential which some salespeople might miss. When you have to use the software as your configurator, then eliminate the danger of user mistakes and give your sales staff additional time to concentrate on building relationships with customers.

P- Price

Price is represented by the letter "P" in CPQ. Complicated solutions necessitate equally complex price structures. So you can't have such a set pricing first before the product is configured unless you're providing customizable products (kudos). Sales representatives that set their own rates to end up losing trade because they provide less-than-optimal prices & produce long delivery times.Ai technology is used in CPQ software to detect client purchasing behaviors and market analysis to assess how your clients are prepared to spend. Essentially, it may assure that you will be charging your consumers fair and individualized pricing while yet remaining profitable.


After you've sorted out the setup and cost, you'll have to send the buyer a finalized, error-free estimate with extra information. Quick response times are a crucial advantage because potential buyers frequently request quotations from multiple vendors. However, because of the complexity of precise costing and configuration, this can be challenging to attain. CPQ software allows you to produce tailored quotes for your consumers. Also, it makes it simple for vendors to assess the situation. It also enables sellers to quickly examine an estimate prior to delivering it to a client, permitting them to make some last-minute adjustments.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is a technical solution that firms may use to deliver precise, personalized pricing based on product requirements and is maintained within Salesforce Sales Cloud. It's an add-on to your existing CRM system. The program enables your sales staff to generate precise estimated costs in real-time depending on the exact requirements of the customer. Salesforce CPQ allows your sales staff to swiftly prepare quotes with little fault and effort. The program commences with your sales staff giving the opportunity and then passing over the quote–all in a brief span of time. As a result, the procedure gets quicker and more regulated, with rapid error resolution and better outcomes. It also aids in the collection of more precise figures and the progression of more deals via the sales pipeline. It lets you generate money from single sales by transforming your business paradigm with a distinctive quote-to-cash solution.

What types of companies might profit from Salesforce CPQ?

Because of its capacity to resolve complex order requests, Salesforce CPQ is particularly well suited for B2B companies. Prices, items, order sizes, modifications, and SKU digits all have an effect on the sales velocity and the capability of the staff to negotiate contracts rapidly. Salesforce CPQ, in particular, can assist with:

  • HLS manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • Marine
  • Plastic fabrication
  • Chemicals
  • Automarket and afterparts
  • Manufacturing

... and more.

What are some of the advantages of Salesforce CPQ?

The top four benefits are as follows.

Increased Productivity

The period of manually entering the expenses of numerous product characteristics to provide an approximate estimate to the client is long gone. Just with a few mouse clicks, you'll be capable of delivering an exact cost estimate in seconds. Furthermore, keeping all client information easily available allows the sales staff to tailor their sales strategy to the firm, keeping costs down. Streamlining the method provides your sales staff with the resources they have to work more effectively, reduce time, and complete more business.

Salespeople have been repositioned as strategic advisors.

Furthermore, properly utilising CPQ software allows you to promote and cross-sell while you close deals. This capability, however, requires a thorough understanding of either the platform as well as the customer's business. Follow transition management practices and engage in internal training to ensure that all staff accepts the new technology.

Quotes that are accurate

When exploring buying choices, 48 percent of B2B buyers mentioned getting up-to-date information about the product as a significant pain factor. Accurate, tailored quotations can help alleviate a little of that stress. Understanding the price right away saves time, and that also guarantees a satisfying experience everywhere. It strengthens your client relationship and saves you time going via faulty or outdated data.

Salesforce's Structure Is Cloud-Based

Because Salesforce CPQ is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. The application is also housed inside Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing your crew to easily and quickly store all of the information in your CRM. Improve operational efficiency with data that is easily available from any location.


Customers nowadays desire personalized interactions and expect to receive the proper quality of service just at the right moment. Legitimizing regulations and costing, setting rules all across the firm, enhancing organization-wide productivity, and much more are all advantages of CPQ software. However, the most significant advantages of CPQ software are the proven increases in revenues and cost reductions. Salesforce CPQ assists you with procedures, relations, and team management such that your company can meet all its short & long-term objectives. CPQ is more than simply a back-office or sales solution; it transforms your cumbersome sales procedures into a compact, productive system, increasing sales effectiveness.

A Beginner's Guide to Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) Tools

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