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Migrating a system can be a daunting task. You must go through many processes, understand complex technological jargon and interrupt your organizational workflow for the migration and setup to be completed. These things are bound to hurt your business and incur some sort of loss.

However, Skynet Assist brings you a complete package of Microsoft Office 365 migration consultant services. We help you understand your need and help you easily migrate your whole system to Microsoft Office 365. You do not have to worry about any issues and interruptions as we manage the migration with minimal interruption to your work processes.

Why Should You Choose Microsoft Office 365?

We have been an integral part of many businesses that have opted for MS Office 365 and improved their business workflow. Our experience allows us to vouch for MS Office 365 for the following reasons.

Familiar Tools

Microsoft Products are old, and any adult can remember using some of the Microsoft tools in MS Office 365. Due to this familiarity, the tools are very easy to use. As a result, an organization does not have to spend much time teaching its employees to use the tools.

Business Centric Tools & Service

All the tools included in MS Office 365 are developed keeping businesses in mind. These tools are primarily developed for business use and include various features that make office work easy.

Multi-Device Support

MS Office 365 also has multi-device support. You can use it from your computer, tablets or iPads, smartphones, and others. This multi-device support allows for flexible usage and easier access.

Safety & Security

Microsoft has a good history of providing data safety and security for its users and tools. Office 365 also gets proper security to safeguard organizational data and secure the digital resources of an organization.

Family Of Microsoft Products

Office 365 comes in a package of Microsoft products. You do not have to buy them separately. It results in cost efficiency and access to your business's needed tools.

How Do We Do Your Migration?

We have prepared a procedure that includes all the necessary work processes to complete the migration with minimal interruption to your organizational work processes.

We Do A Requirement Analysis

First, we conduct a requirement analysis of your business and understand how we can implement MS Office 365 to maximize the tool's utilization.

We Develop A Plan

Next, with the help of a requirement analysis document, we develop a plan for the migration. This plan includes the implementation process that depends on the departments and subsections of your business.

Setup A Timeframe

Then we conclude on the timeframe needed to implement the developed plan. Again, this timeframe can be straight or fragmented depending on the minimal interruption of the organizational work processes.


We will then start the migration according to the plan and complete the migration within the timeframe.

After Migration Assessment

After the migration is completed, we will again assess the implemented system and see if we can improve anything with the input from the users.

Why Choose Skynet Assist?

Why should you choose Skynet Assist?

Handled By Experts

All the tasks, from requirement analysis to migration, will be handled by experts. They are experienced and knowledgeable on their respective tasks and have a track record of successful migration and implementation.

Clear Communication

We communicate with you clearly without using complex words and make you understand all the steps involved in the migration.

Experienced Team

Our team members are experienced. They have been part of successful implementation in various other clients of ours and have gained expertise.

Quality Support

Our support team is great at what they do. We have retained most of our clients and assisted them in their various projects because we provide quality support whenever they need it.

If you are thinking of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 or want to consult with us about the same, contact us today, and we can formulate a plan for making your organization more productive with MS Office 365.

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