GDPR - Privacy and Data Protection on Mobile Devices - Free PDF by ENISA A useful report dedicated to Privacy and Data Protection on mobile devices with a GDPR perspective available for free download

GDPR - Manuale sulla sicurezza dell'elaborazione dei dati personali in Download gratuito da ENISA

In the past we have already talked about ENISA, which stands for European Union Agency for Network and Information Security: for those who do not know it, it is one of the most important and established reality in the Network and Information Security sector, which publishes a monthly series of studies, reports and operational indications for the correct application of safety methodologies according to the regulations in force in Europe.

These publications have become particularly useful starting from 27 April 2016, the year of adoption of the new European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, better known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and will also be for the whole 2018 as the regulation will come into force for all purposes - and in all countries belonging to the European Union - starting from next May 25th.

Strictly relevant in terms of GDPR is the Handbook on Security of Personal Data Processing, published on the ENISA website on 29 January 2018: a very useful application handbook entirely dedicated to the security of personal data processing, ideal for Project Manager, Privacy Specialist and DPO available for free download.

In this article we will talk about a second document, which is also extremely useful for anyone interested in reviewing their corporate procedures in order to verify compliance with the principles, controls and security measures provided for by the GDPR: this is a report dedicated to Privacy and Data Protection on Mobile Devices, created by ENISA with the aim of providing a meta-study on privacy and data protection in mobile applications by analyzing the functionality of the main apps that can have a reasonable impact on privacy and security : the study focuses on the most common issues related to the development or adoption of these apps and helps the reader - Project Manager, Privacy Specialist or DPO - in identifying the best practices to be followed in the main application contexts.

The document was published on 29 January 2018 and is available - in English - for free download on the ENISA website or by clicking on the button below.


Privacy and data protection in mobile applications - GDPR - ENISA 1.95 MB 405 downloads

The scope of the report is to provide a meta-study on privacy and data protection...

Enjoy the reading!

This post is part of a series of articles and essays regarding the new European General Data Protection Regulation in EU countries, with specific focus on achieving compliance with UE and local regulations, civil rights and criminal matters. To read the other articles, click here!

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