Data protection is Freedom - Data Protection Authority GDPR Video An institutional video from the Italian Privacy Authority to explain the importance of the innovations introduced by the new EU Regulation

La protezione dei dati è un diritto di libertà - Video del Garante della Privacy sul GDPR

In the remaining weeks that separate us from the final introduction of the GDPR, many italian newspapers and agencies are relaunching the institutional video created by the Privacy Authority to explain the importance of the novelties introduced by the new EU Regulation regarding personal data protection: for those who didn't see it yet, it is a self-produced video firstly published about nine months ago both on the official website and shared upon the official YouTube channel, LinkedIn and Google+.

The video is part of a wider communication campaign launched by the Authority to raise awareness and inform people and to accompany public administrations and companies on the path towards the final application of the Regulation. The Authority has in fact prepared on its institutional website a section specifically dedicated to the GDPR, constantly enriched with information and documents of interest.

The following materials are already available:

For further information on the practical application of the provisions of the GDPR in the field of IT, we suggest to also read our previous posts about the ENISA publications regarding two important scenarios: Security of Personal Data Processing and Privacy and Data Protection on Mobile Devices, both available for free for download.

This post is part of a series of articles and essays regarding the new European General Data Protection Regulation in EU countries, with specific focus on achieving compliance with UE and local regulations, civil rights and criminal matters. To read the other articles, click here!

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