11 Design Best Practices Every WordPress developer should use

11 Design Best Practices Every WordPress developer should use

WordPress is an incredibly prevalent CMS Platform and has emerged as the most accessible and manageable CMS arrangements attributable to its ease of use, reliability, and security. It is a dynamic platform that can be utilized for influencing anything to be it a B2B website, a design blog, or transform into an e-commerce website. The Platform comes packed with many exciting themes, numerous useful plugins, simple usefulness, to put it plainly, it is enjoying the center stage and is here to remain.

WordPress has open such huge numbers of possibilities for Top graphic design company, designers and developers at the same time. On the off chance that you are a designer and simply getting started with the WordPress then this article is for you.

Here are some useful hints that can give you a decent start which we treasure at Sprak Design.

Simple yet Compelling Color Scheme

A pleasing color scheme sets the tone of your website and speaks to your visitors beyond words. To make your website colors pleasing to the eyes of visitors, here are two key things to keep as a main priority:

  • Stick to a limited color palette-Abstain from utilizing an excessive number of colors as it can end up being diverting rather than appealing. Notwithstanding regular dim or dark text, select any two principle colors for your website. Utilizing two principle colors all through the website gives consistency and you have a normally appealing color palette ready.
  • Select an Accent Color-You can use an accent color, when you wish to draw attention of the user to any CTA button, interesting offers, business logos or contests on your WordPress website.

Use of White Space

The golden rule of a clean and appealing design isn't filling every clear area of the screen. Putting excessively data in a little space often ends up being diverting for the users and does not give a professional look to the website. Make it more pleasing and user-friendly, by giving your design a breathing space.

Custom Fonts is the New Trend

Discard the stereotypical Arial-Verdana fonts and make use of infectious custom fonts. Utilizing such custom fonts especially in WordPress websites has become a trend. In spite of the fact that setting up these fonts is precarious yet justified regardless of the effort as it makes your website emerge. Another pointer to keep as a primary concern when grabbing fonts: make sure chosen textual style is readable and compliments the foundation. Ultimately, make sure the text style selected is a true reflection of your image's personality.

Stock Up on Interesting Images

Images assume a basic role in the esthetic makeup of a site. Make use of interesting images to tell your story. Well, Images are not just great at catching attention of users rather compliment your words and communicate on an altogether different level. When uploading images, bear in mind to refine and optimize them as per the web pages of your WordPress website. Sites with able and appealing images often give a much more complete and professional look.

Include Readable Permalinks

Permalinks or permanent URLs direct a user to a specific page when surfing your website. The standard arrangement for permalinks on a WordPress website is: http://keepfit.com/?p=123. Well you can transform this connection into something more consumable like: http://keepfit.com/sample-post/. The idea behind changing this connection is, to make it more readable and SEO friendly. This new connection formed will have post name included ,and page's URL will contain headline of the article along these lines giving you great positioning in search engines and is easier for human utilization too.

Content Formatting for Attractiveness and Readability

The overall look and feel of your content can either make it or break it. Along these lines, don't simply let your content lie on your website, organize it into bolding, italics, subheads, bulleted focuses, and short passages. Make sure;you are giving readers an easy path to your content. Generally, as per content marketing expert, 45-75 characters per line are considered ideal for comfortable reading.

Be Picky about Plugins

Plugins can do wonders to your WordpPress site yet don't go overboard. There are numerous WordPress plugins available, go for just bare least plugins and uninstall the ones you are not utilizing as an excessive number of plugins can interfere with the speed of your site. While selecting plugins, complete a great deal of research work, consider evaluations and user reviews. When in question, a little testing won't hurt, so put it all on the line to evaluate how it is affecting your site.

Effective Navigation

A simple and clean navigation end up being best. Overwhelming the user with an excessive number of choices can be diverting, in the same way swarming the navigation with a lot of text isn't a smart thought either. Users enjoy your site in the best possible way, when navigation is easy to understand and well placed.


Make your website responsive with responsive WordPress themes so it can be compatible with all devices, for example, desktop, workstations, tablets and mobile phones. This is of fundamental importance as more and more people are accessing sites from their handheld devices these days. Thus, to ensure a seamless experience to the users a responsive WordPress site is the need of great importance. Moreover, mobile-friendly websites are more search engine friendly too.

Easy to Share

Assemble a WordPress website that merits sharing with the goal that the content can be easily shared. Well placed connections and easy social sharing buttons at the correct areas are accessible and make sharing so easy for users that even a non-tech person can do it.

Brush up your Photoshop Skills

Designers and creativity go as one. Photoshop is a powerful device that enables designers to come up with something unique and creative. To take your designing skills to the next level, you need to be well-versed with Photoshop. You can play with different designs, formats and substantially more in your WordPress website in the event that you possess great Photoshop skills.


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