Angular 5.0.0 final release - Are we there yet? Meanwhile, 5.0.0-RC.7 is out!

Angular 5.0.0 final release - Are we there yet? Meanwhile, 5.0.0-RC.7 is out!

Angular dev team is certainly taking its time to release the fifth major installment of their amazing client-side framework monster, that's for sure: the 5.0.0 was originally scheduled for September 18 2017, but the team unexpectedly delayed the release a couple days before and set the new date more than a month later, on October 23. During that time, the project hit several RC, yet the updated schedule passed without a major version.

Although there are no official info about a new temptative release date, the Angular team is defintely working hard on the project, with a new Release Candidate coming out each day: the latest one, Angular 5.0.0-rc.7, was released on October 26.

Angular 5.0.0 final release - Are we there yet? Meanwhile, 5.0.0-RC.7 is out!

If you want to be the first one to know the final release date, be sure to subscribe to the Angular project's official changelog on GitHub.

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Here are the relevant changes from the Angular 5.0.0-rc.0 to the 5.0.0-rc.7:

5.0.0-rc.7 (2017-10-27)

Bug Fixes

  • compiler: don’t store invalid state when using
    listLazyRoutes (#19953) (4a23df3)
  • compiler: make watch mode work on windows (#19953) (f4d5729), closes #19951
  • compiler: recover from structural errors in watch mode (#19953) (d343bf7)
  • compiler: translate emit diagnostics with
    noEmitOnError: true . (#19953) (9ce7f0e), closes #19935
  • service-worker: don't block initialization on registration (#19936) (47caebf)
  • service-worker: fix improper call of Observable.merge (#19962) (14016c7)
  • service-worker: listen for messages on the right event source (#19954) (5cfd9c6)

5.0.0-rc.6 (2017-10-25)

Bug Fixes

  • compiler: automatically set
    emitDecoratorMetadata when
    "annotationsAs": "static fields (#19927) (ef08330), closes #19916
  • compiler: don’t type check templates with
    skipTemplateCodegen (#19909) (18bce59)
  • compiler-cli: only use error collector when needed. (#19912) (9b26455)
  • compiler-cli: produce correct paths for windows output (#19915) (6cc042e)

5.0.0-rc.5 (2017-10-24)

Bug Fixes

  • compiler-cli: report all diagnostic error messages (#19886) (a82f863)

5.0.0-rc.4 (2017-10-24)

Bug Fixes

  • bazel: don't console.error from the compile helper (#19879) (5da96c7)
  • compiler: correctly calculate the outDir if it repeats a parts of the
    rootDir . (#19836) (fc0b1d5), closes #19718
  • service-worker: include versionedFiles in the manifest hashTable (#19837) (90d1423)

5.0.0-rc.3 (2017-10-18)

Bug Fixes

  • animations: always fire inner trigger callbacks even if blocked by parent animations (#19753) (5a9ed2d), closes #19100
  • animations: ensure animateChild() works with all inner leave animations (#19006) (#19532) (#19693) (f42d317)
  • animations: ensure inner :leave animations do not remove node when skipped (#19532) (#19693) (d035175)
  • bazel: fix the output directory for extractor to be genfiles/ instead of bin/ (#19716) (405ccc7)
  • common: attempt to JSON.parse errors for JSON responses (#19773) (04ab9f1)
  • compiler: generate correct imports for type check blocks (#19582) (60bdcd6)
  • compiler: prepare for future Bazel semantics of += (#19717) (836c889)
  • compiler-cli: diagnostics file paths relative to cwd, not tsconfig (#19748) (56774df)
  • compiler-cli: do not add references to files outside of
    rootDir (#19770) (25cbc98)
  • router: RouterLinkActive should update its state right after checking the children (#19449) (6f2939d), closes #18983
  • service-worker: add missing annotation for SwPush (#19721) (15a8429)
  • service-worker: freshness strategy should clone response for cache (#19764) (396c241)
  • service-worker: has to be decoded (#19764) (3bcf0cf)
  • service-worker: use posix path resolution for generation of ngsw.json (#19527) (621f87b)

5.0.0-rc.2 (2017-10-12)

Bug Fixes

  • animations: properly support boolean-based transitions and state changes (#19279) (a8920eb), closes #9396 #12337
  • compiler: correctly calculate the out path on windows (#19601) (d30ce19), closes #19543
  • compiler-cli: produce smaller source maps for templates (#19578) (f83989b)

Performance Improvements

  • animations: reduce size of bundle by removing AST classes (#19539) (d5c9c5f)
  • compiler: only type check input files when using bazel (#19581) (0b06ea1)
  • compiler: skip type check and emit in bazel in some cases. (#19646) (a22121d)
  • compiler: speed up loading of summaries for bazel. (#19581) (81167d9)

5.0.0-rc.1 (2017-10-06)

Bug Fixes

  • compiler: always emit summaries for jit with ng_module bazel rule. (1058b2a)
  • don’t rely on
    goog.DEBUG but on
    COMPILED instead (db74f44)
  • compiler: add typings for
    COMPILED . (0038712)
  • compiler: also count generated files to determine whether to use single file emit (7c5ecb5)
  • compiler: disallow references for select and index evaluation (f3f4c3d)
  • compiler: don’t use
    ng:// in AOT source maps, and never point to the original source file (01f7112), closes #19538
  • compiler: only don’t emit already emitted files in incremental compilation (caa5195)
  • compiler: properly work on windows (696af79), closes #19492
  • compiler: set
    emitSkipped to false for incremental compilation (c412913)
  • service-worker: several misc fixes for corner cases (f10f8db)
  • upgrade: call
    ngOnInit() after
    ngOnChanges() (on components with inputs) (eef7d8a), closes #18913
  • upgrade: correctly run change detection when
    propagateDigest is false (617b3d2)
  • upgrade: ensure downgraded components are destroyed in the Angular zone (4e6aa9c)

Performance Improvements

  • compiler: don’t emit summaries for jit by default (b086891)
  • compiler: fix perf issue in loading aot summaries in jit compiler (fbc9537)
  • compiler: only emit changed files for incremental compilation (745b59f)

5.0.0-rc.0 (2017-09-28)

Bug Fixes

  • animations: properly support the query limit option value (b54368b), closes #19232
  • common: use correct pipe name in error messages (#19403) (f9b0863), closes #19373
  • compiler: add parens around binary / ternary expressions (3799f43)
  • compiler: allow to use flat modules and summaries (ec2be5d)
  • compiler: allow to use lowering with
    export * . (e31a76c)
  • compiler: also create
    .ngfactory.js files in non obvious cases (#19301) (1a647c3)
  • compiler: collect non exported symbols in d.ts files (#19301) (62602b9)
  • compiler: correctly derive
    fileExists for generated files (#19301) (f2bad19)
  • compiler: correctly map error message locations (#19424) (ff5b050)
  • compiler: do not consider a reference with members as a reference (#19454) (b3db3f8)
  • compiler: don’t lower property accesses of exported symbols (#19301) (45747ed)
  • compiler: don’t type check property access of literal maps (#19301) (04997c8)
  • compiler: implement i18n with new compiler (627f048), closes #19429
  • compiler: make sure our out path calculation is correct (2f6ae52)
  • compiler: make sure to detect paths that start with
    rootDir correctly (bb1665c), closes #19362
  • compiler: make watch mode work with
    declaration: false (7c1d3e0), closes #19464
  • compiler: remove deprecated
    Compiler.ngGetContentSelectors() (#19347) (f57b7df)
  • compiler: skip   when trimming / removing whitespaces (#19310) (13613d4), closes #19304
  • compiler: support
    noResolve (#19301) (c76da27)
  • compiler: various squashed fixes for the new ngc (a8a9660)
  • compiler: work well with
    forwardRef with
    useValue /
    useFactory (1dacae2)
  • compiler-cli: do not validate metadata from declaration files (#19324) (4767902), closes #18867
  • compiler-cli: don't join errors with comma (#19331) (e889c68)
  • compiler-cli: don't rewrite imports when annotating for closure (#19444) (f24ea59)
  • create proper externs so that closure does not clobber e.g.
    ng for internal variables (#19423) (b21a1d1)
  • compiler-cli: set source file ranges in node emitter (#19348) (27c6638)
  • compiler-cli: update ngtools2 EmitFlags (#19375) (e224e3d)
  • core: make dynamic & inline code checking behave the same (#19189) (473a577)
  • http: introduce named type for HttpParams options (#19360) (8a0e458)
  • language-service: do not report errors for
    OpaqueToken (#19427) (c1b029a)
  • router: fix activation events toString and docs (#19147) (2c4107c)
  • router: resolve and guards should be able to reject with null and undefined (#19418) (a9d32a3), closes #17148
  • tsc-wrapped: deduplicate metadata only when the module is the same (#19249) (b6b18c1), closes #19219
  • don’t use the global
    ng at all with closure enhanced optimizations (a7798f2)


  • animations: support negative query limit values (86ffacf), closes #19259
  • compiler: enabled strict checking of parameters to an
    @Injectable (#19412) (dfb8d21)
  • compiler: reuse the TypeScript typecheck for template typechecking. (#19152) (996c7c2)
  • core: support for bootstrap with custom zone (#17672) (344a5ca)
  • platform-server: add an API to transfer state from server (#19134) (cfd9ca0)
  • service-worker: introduce the @angular/service-worker package (#19274) (d442b68)

Performance Improvements


  • compiler: The method
    ngGetContentSelectors() , deprecated in Angular 4.0, has been removed. Use
    ComponentFactory.ngContentSelectors instead.

If you want to receive updated info about the Angular release, be sure to also check the official project chat on Gitter!


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