Angular 5.0.0-rc.8 is out! Still no sights of Angular 5 Final Release

Angular 5.0.0 final release - Are we there yet? Meanwhile, 5.0.0-RC.7 is out!

... Here we go again! Another day, another Angular 5 Release Candidate, just like it was for the whole week. Today is the day of RC8, which brings a couple bug fixes. The Angular final release is still at large, however there's no doubt that the dev team is working hard to fix everything before taking the last step: it definitely seems like they don't want to fall short this time!

Here's the updated changelog, as it was released on the Angular official GitHub repository few hours ago: for further info regarding the previous releases, feel free to check this post as well.

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5.0.0-rc.8 (2017-10-28)

Bug Fixes

  • compiler-cli: avoid producing source mappings for host views (#19965) (2d508a3)
  • platform-server: add missing packages to the UMD global rollup config (4285b6c)

For the previous changelogs - from 5.0.0-rc.0 to 5.0.0-rc.7click here.

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