Top 5 photo-editing apps for Android in 2019 Five of the best photo editing apps for Android that you can actually get from the Google Play Store in 2019: Adobe Photoshop Express, Aviary, Snapseed, Bonfire and Photodirector

Top 5 photo-editing apps for Android in 2019

About two and a half decades ago, taking photographs was a role reserved for a specific group of people. Such people had cameras and films. To have a photo of yourself captured, you would need to set up an appointment and dress up for it. Today, things have changed, and almost everybody is carrying a camera of one form or another in their pocket. This has resulted in a situation where anybody who wishes can make a photography portfolio online.

While many people who carry cameras on their smartphones may think of themselves as photographers, being a professional photographer requires much more than just a right device. However, you can get quite a decent result even without the proper experience by using available photo-editing apps. They will not turn mediocre shots into contest winning ones, but they definitely can help you with minor defects on the picture or with correcting light and color.

We took some time to find five of the best photo editing apps for Android.

Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s not surprising that a product with the name Adobe takes the first place in our list. This brand has become synonymous with quality apps in the digital age.

If you are looking for the basics like cropping, flipping, rotating, and straightening your photos, Adobe Photoshop would be your first choice. The app also provides you with an ability to adjust the exposure, contrast, and white balance of any photograph you have taken with a single touch of a button.

Top 5 photo-editing apps for Android in 2019

For more advanced photographers, Adobe Photoshop allows you to remove blemishes and add custom watermark images and frames. Because we live in the days of sharing, this app makes it easy to share to any social network of your choice.


If you believe in apps that have been tested over time, then you may want to try Aviary. One of the reasons why you would love this app is its simplicity. With a single touch of a button, you can enhance the settings.

Top 5 photo-editing apps for Android in 2019

However, if you have the time to figure out the details in the settings, the application allows you to manually adjust several features such as the color, saturation, brightness, contrast, and temperature. For those who want to be a little creative, the app comes with cosmetics, filters, stickers, and other tools that deliver the most flattering images.

Google Snapseed

A photo editing app does not have to cost an arm and a leg for it to be great. Google Snapseed is a testimony that an app can come for free and still be one of the most powerful in its class. This application comes with the necessary tools for rotating, cropping, and adjusting contrast and brightness.

Top 5 photo-editing apps for Android in 2019

Added to this, you will also get some advanced tools that will help you to reduce noise, remove fog, and select parts of the image that you wish to blur. The healing tool allows you to remove blemishes.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

One thing that you will notice with excellent photo editing apps like Bonfire Photo Editor Pro is that they are progressively becoming simpler to use. With this app, you will be impressed by the photographs delivered with an easy to use interface.

Top 5 photo-editing apps for Android in 2019

You can easily customize your settings so that any photo you capture is autocorrected just the way you want. If you are looking for advanced features, you can go for the paid version.


The developers of PhotoDirector promise that this app brings together a picture editor that has an array of features and a creative collage maker with loads of filters that get to work as you are taking your photos.

Top 5 photo-editing apps for Android in 2019

Once you have customized your settings, the app will automatically apply special effects and adjust images without you having to do anything else except to capture the image. Some of the tools you can expect from this app include picture retouch, brightening, color editing, photo fix, and collage maker.


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