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Text Masking in Adobe Photoshop: How to dig through a Layer with Text

Any decent After Effects user most certainly know how to create masks from text or add silhouette alpha to make a text layer (or any other layer) “dig” into another layer. This is a widely used effect that we can easily see in most commercials, online banners and other advertising-related graphics of any kind.

In Photoshop we do have Layer Masks and Vector Masks that can be used to achieve the same result: however, if the “dig through” effect is what you’re looking for, there is a much simpler way to do that.

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Favicon: why and how to add it on your WordPress-enabled Web Site

Favicon stands for Favorite Icon: we’re talking about the 16×16 px icon that identifies your website during the user navigation. Most browser shows it on the left side of the address bar, assuming the currently visited website has one. It’s also shown in the active navigation tab and in all of the browser’s favorites listings, menus and bars.


Why you should use it

It’s not merely aesthetics: favicon enables the user to identify the website he’s currently visiting, mentally group its pages/tabs in his browser window or inside his favorite list. A favicon-enabled website hooks up its users and simplifies their navigation, while also having a more professional look. That’s why, no matter what results you want to achieve on the web,  you definitely want to have this kind of website.

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