WordPress - How to Escape & Strip HTML tags from the Post Title A tutorial explaining how to properly use the get_the_title() and the_title_attribute() WordPress functions to properly format the Post Entry Title

Today I received an e-mail from Richard of Comparitech (thank you Richard, by the way!)  telling me that there was an odd issue with our blog's social sharing feature.

I made a quick check and it turned out that he was absolutely right:

Wordpress - How to Escape & Strip HTML tags from the Post Title

The outlined text clearly shows a bunch of badly stripped HTML tags. It took to me a while to understand why there were HTML tags within the Post Title: the reason was due to the Subtitles Worpdress Plugin, which we recently installed to allow our contributors to write subtitles to their posts.

The next thing I did was checking the plugin documentation, which led me to an extremely detailed and well-written FAQ page on GitHub. A quick look was enough to find exactly what I was looking for:

There's Weird HTML Showing Up On My Site!


I can almost guarantee that the reason this is happening is because your theme developer is using either the_title or get_the_title in places where they should not be used. This is a theme bug, not a plugin bug.


When titles are used as attributes, the appropriate template tag to use is the_title_attribute, never the_title.

Please see these long threads as examples of what happens when themes conflict with Subtitles.

The original text can be found here, and is a good proof that the plugin author - Philip Arthur Moore from We Cobble - is a competent developer, which definitely knows what he's talking about. The issue, just as he says, was related to our Hitmag Pro WordPress Theme, or - to better say that - to the implementation of its Social Sharing built-in feature.

Here's what I found in the theme source code - more precisely, within the /inc/template-tags.php  file:

As we can see, they used the  get_the_title()  function to retrieve the post entry title, thus causing the badly striped HTML tags issue. Replacing it with the   the_title_attribute('echo=0')  function was more than enough to fix the problem for good:

Unfortunately, WordPress core doesn't provide a   get_the_title_attribute()  wrapper function yet... Although there are some TRAC tickets asking for it (such as this one). Luckily enough, we can use the above syntax to achieve that same result: it might be a bit ugly, yet it works!

I suggested such workaround to the Hitmag Pro theme developers with a post on their theme's official support forum: it should definitely be the proper fix for such issue, as the the_title_attribute('echo=0')  WP function correctly escapes the title and also strips all the HTML tags, which is definitely a good practice for a social sharing feature (for the post title, at least).

For additional info regarding these WordPress functions, I strongly suggest to take a look at the aforementioned Subtitles plugin FAQ page and also to this relevant article from the pippingplugins.com website.

That's it for now: I sincerely hope that this post will help other developers like me who will stumble upon this issue.

Happy posting... and social sharing!


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