Website Performance Optimization - How to Do It Right? Some useful suggestions and insights to improve your website overall performance and speed to grant your customers a better experience

How to Increase your Website Page Loading Speed

The website is the basis for business promotion through online means, and this is the primary factor that every business has. There are different types of site, and it is essential to have a proper strategy for promoting it so that the website gets more and more traffic and do not stagnate. There are different aspects of the website designing, and they should be done with proper care to ensure that your website gets the right kind of traffic.

The performance of the site is a significant factor to be taken note of, and the website performance optimization is a complete package of services which you must take into consideration for ensuring that your website is smoothly accessible. When there is so much competition online, it is crucial that you make sure that all your promotional tools are up to the mark so that you do not lack behind in any way. This concept became even more important this year, since Google publicly annouced that the website page speed is now a site ranking factor for Desktop and Mobile devices.

Website performance

There are different types of website performance issues which must be sorted to ensure that your website is easily accessible to those who are looking for the services that you offer. The website performance optimizations are a set of strategies which you can put to use to ensure your website is easy to navigate and access to most people. The following are specific tips which you can keep in mind to use it for website performance optimization and reap the maximum use of the website that you have.

The key is to make sure your site is speedy and easy to access to ensure it can hold on to the attention of the audience that it gets. There are different platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and much more which can be used for hosting your website and the website optimization tricks are more or less similar to all of them.

Test the website’s speed

The speed of the page download and overall website speed should be taken into consideration to improve the website’s reception among the prospective clients. The overall speed of the site can be analyzed with the help of several tools mainly created for this purpose. You can use the website speed test tool and similar other tools which can work on Firefox 36+ or Chrome 41+ easily. The analysis would help you understand the fields where you need to improve the programming of the website so that it speeds up.

There are many factors that you must keep in mind to ensure that the website speed does not falter. Usually of the pages in the website takes a long time to load and open or the images gets stuck while loading, the audience tends to feel impatient and leave the site without even viewing it which can pose to have a negative impact on your traffic to the website.

Use a CDN

Content Delivery Networks can be highly efficient for serving the static content which includes multimedia, images and file downloads. They are known for giving high performance and ability. The content is served in a "closer" manner to the users owing to their distributed nature.

Avoid bad request

You need to check the HTTP 404 errors and avoid the re-directs on resources. At the same time, you need to monitor the server errors as well as work to address any repeated errors.

Test the load on your website

Can your website smoothly run even when it is being accessed by a large number of people at the same time? Are you sure the server would not crash if there are millions of people who are going to your website or is involved in some activity on your site? These factors can be determined with the help of load testing for the website. There are tools like the Blitz, Load Impact, WonderNetwork, Loader, BlazeMaster which you can use for this particular purpose. When you have a WordPress site, you can also opt for the WP performance profiler and p3 which are noted for pinpointing the sources which can lead to crashing of the website under excess pressure.

You can easily fix these factors with the help of reputed agencies which provide all kinds of services related to digital promotion for the site. Slowing down of the website can have a very negative impact on the audience that you have for your website.

The budget for the optimization

The website performance optimization is a specialized service which can be provided by experts, and you can easily get in touch with agencies for help regarding the website optimization. Depending on the amount of work and the time required for setting up the entire optimization procedure, the budget can be determined.

There are varieties of services all of which come under the heading of website performance optimization and there are agencies which can help you out regarding the same. There are packages and contracts that such companies offer and the rates depend on the package you choose. These agencies can guide you about what is best for your website in particular.


There are a variety of innovative ways in which you can ensure that your website is optimized and do not lag. The speed issues are often difficult to handle, and with the right kind of tools and services, you can make sure the website works perfectly. It can be concluded that if you have the best agencies for digital marketing working for you, you can easily handle issues related to website performance optimization. There are various aspects of this particular service, and it is the best that you can get for your business management needs.

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