3 Best Mobile Apps for Vapers in 2020 A review of three vaping apps for Android and iOS to ease tracking the progress of a vaper in either vaping itself or in the process of giving up

3 Best Mobile Apps for Vapers in 2020

Vaping is a part of modern society, as well as the Internet, is. It is quite usual to see a young woman or man, puffing through their vape pens and scrolling their smartphones. As the vaping industry was developing by leaps and bounds, IT specialists have come up with the idea to get involved in trend and get some money from this fashionable activity.

The idea was to combine vaping as a hobby or vaping as a trend or even vaping as a vicious habit and new technologies. The idea is not old but has been realized for several years already and is developing. Primarily, these were simple apps, which allowed to share and exchange vaping experience. Then the tendency evolved into apps to give up nicotine consumption.

Now, the possible Bluetooth connection between an app and an e-cig itself is being developed. The aim is to make the process of vaping controlled and to ease tracking the progress of a vaper in either vaping itself or in the process of giving up, both of which are quite useful tools if a person is busy but wants to keep a close watch on his or her activities.

To go into the matter, we need to look at the examples of such apps and try to find reasons for their convenience, advantages, and benefits over other vaping apps. Firstly, these apps can also have an educational aim and tell about vaping tank reviews from vapingdaily (arguably the most renown online vaping community nowadays), batteries, pens or mouthpieces, or the possible harm from consuming vapour as an activity.

Secondly, downloading a specific type of vaping app can provide you with information on how to create various mixtures of vaping liquids, calculate the needed resistance, or modify several handy functions, which can help both bring up to date and simplify the process of vaping. At the same time, it will help to improve the vaping process and make it more enjoyable.

Vaping apps are convenient because many of them can be downloaded for free. The interface is usually straightforward, and a vaper will face no difficulties in discovering new functions after the regular updates. Though some fee-based vaping apps exist, most of them cost under $5, which is entirely cheap in the long run.

Vape Boss

The app has gone through some changes since it had been launched in 2014. The app is still available on Android services, but unfortunately, it was taken down from Apple App Store last year. The app has been the leader among vaping apps for years. Thanks to both users' reviews and developers' brainstorming, everyone noted the significant difference between the initial version and the latest update.

3 Best Mobile Apps for Vapers in 2020

Vape Boss provides the user with instructions on how to make the vaping process better. It gives information about various vaping methods. In addition, the app has become a marketplace for e liquids and other vaping accessories such as vape tanks, cartridges, and other similar stuff. This feature appeared because of the enormous popularity of the app. When shops have understood the power of vape reviews published there, they adopted the platform for making money.

E-Liquid Calculator

The app was developed as a narrowly specialized tool, where vapers could calculate the best portions of e-liquid to make the process of vaping the most enjoyable and the most relevant for their needs. As for now, the range of tools has broadened. These days not only e-liquid and vaping tank reviews are in the scope of interest of this application. Now the basic menu of the app contains such categories as "simple", "advanced", "mixer", "resistance", "watt calculator", "saver recipes", and "other".

3 Best Mobile Apps for Vapers in 2020

Therefore, the application is the best assistant in creating e liquids. It will calculate the amount of Vegetable glycerin, Propylene glycol, nicotine, and other elements that you need to make the ultimate e-liquid for you. The app has a simple coil tool that helps in choosing or creating the best possible wrap that will match the personalized e-liquid you have composed. The best point about the app is that it also considers the flavours used in an e-liquid and the general volume of the container to get the most accurate recipe.

E-Cig Diary

This app is quite different from the previous recommendations because it deals with the control of the habit to vape rather than improving the process itself. This criterion puts it in the first place at this rate. People must have a chance to clarify the possible health risks and medical contraindications of vaping and to see the individual benefits of getting rid of this habit. The app is free, which is another advantage. The only drawback of the app is that it is available for androids only, but there are many similar apps for IOS.

3 Best Mobile Apps for Vapers in 2020

The app is ideal because it calculates the time you spent without cigarettes and the money you have saved while avoiding the vicious activity. The benefits form banning nicotine from your life. For sure, if you continue using e liquids with nicotine – it simply counts the amount and reports to you. Moreover, the app counts the average amount of money you have saved after cutting expenses for smoking compared to vaping. In addition, E-Cig Diary helps to customize your vaping habits by means of such tools as 'atomizer data,' 'battery data,' etc.


The combination of modern technologies, along with trendy habits, allows you to feel more control over your life by simply using a proper app. Certainly, the definite disadvantage of these apps is that they somehow popularise vaping, which can harm your health (read this CDC essay about e-cigarettes risks for kids, teens and young adults for details). However, the doubtless benefit is that they give the most general information about the quality of vaping accessories and help choose the best vape tank for flavour when you really need it.

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