Top 6 SEO Rules for Web Designers you should (hopefully) know

Top 6 SEO Rules for Web Designers you should (hopefully) know

The processes of SEO made a great stride in the last couple of years. In the time phrase first appeared, Search Engine Optimization website design intended a little more than stuffing the great websites with whatsoever terms you had been optimizing for, you are trying to get listed on popular directories as well as populating your Meta Data for the search engines to measure or evaluate. Search engine marketing as well as search engine optimization were fundamentally as traditional, as most of the search engines work in same type of algorithm, prior to that the first thing has been written as keyword stuffing and other important things that would discuss here in this blog.

A searcher type a key phrase more times in comparing with anybody else to get the top of the place in Google, Yahoo or Bing. This thing has been modified nowadays. In their long search to providing the users with the most appropriate phrase, authoritative as well as good quality content, and recommendation for a given keyword, search engine algorithms as well as web metrics have used by search engines, like the big gun Google to index, measure, evaluate as well as understand the content the web that have been growing more and more advanced.

Though the complication as well as relative value of search engine optimization services have evolved the development things, as the search engine optimization specialists’ job is of getting the top positions in search engine results or SERP has become more and more challenging and competitive these days. You should not be discouraged, because SEO and Social Networking all start with robust website design; due to the reason, your strategic designers should understand the basics of on and off page SEO. It should also be noted that building up with these six SEO tips would help you a strong head start in this highly competitive race for those coveted as well as successful SEO ranking.

  1. Keyword – Keywords are some of the most important things for search engine optimization. You need to know how to use the key terms and that is a must thing in SEO rules for designers, some of them are: using Title Tag, keywords and meta description, Navigation and menus, Business slogans, Your Domain, Bullet points, Alt text for images, Graphic descriptions, Title attribute in links, Your primary page or product copy, Internal and external links, Footer links and sitemap, Header Tags – H1, H2 and H3 etc.
  2. Graphic Utilization – You should know the use of graphic or the utilization of the graphic in different places. Here, we are not discussion about the graphic and its usefulness. As a designer, you surely know that better than non-designers do, but here we are discussion about the utilization of specific graphic in specific places that the graphic you use can be free of error and useful for proper search engine optimization.
  3. Website Navigation – The navigation part is one of the most important things in SEO. Navigation problem can arise when you do not use word, text, images, flash and other things in a website. When the issue for navigation starts, the site suffers from SEO friendliness. Therefore, you should know the things you need to use and avoid to make a website good to go with proper navigation from the point of design.
  4. URL and File Folder Name – You should know the use of file, folders’ name and the URL for all types of design need.
  5. Images or Pictures – Images or pictures are the most important things for SEO in all types of website projects. Images or pictures – SEO is important. You should know how to and where to use the keyword and importantly the pixel density and size of the picture for each website, before you make them fit for a website or web page.
  6. Social Media Engagement – When we talk about social media and SEO, we must know the use and importance of social media engagement. As a designer, you should know the use of social media and the engagement factors of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. This would help you understand the design part and social media at the same time.

There are many set of SEO rules applicable for designers, but from the perspective of design, you should know which and which search engine optimization rules are sufficient and efficient for designers. You should analyze, understand as well as implement your keyword approach all over the facet of website, while concentrating the good semantic structure. You should not use technology that hinder the content or give an overall complicated website stay text based or stay with straightforward approach.

Lastly, you should look closely at all detail as well as information on the structure of the throughout with the clear navigation menus, uniform resource locator, name of the directory as well as attributes of the images. You should also maximize the power of social media marketing and networking with the most utilized bookmarking a well as sharing tool when and where necessary.

We would be glad when the given six search engine optimization rules would be helpful for your designers.


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