3 Ways to Remove Watermarks From Images A list of software tools that can help you to delete watermarks from your images: PhotoWorks, Super Eraser, Inpaint

3 Ways to Remove Watermarks From Images

We all know that it’s illegal to delete watermarks from images used for commercial purposes. However, sometimes it may be handy - and even 100% legit,  for example when you have lost your original photos and ended up with a watermarked copy, or you need to use a picture for personal non-profit purposes. In this article, we are going to see how to get rid of watermarks on photos.

 The first software that comes to everybody’s mind when thinking about how to remove watermarks from photos is probably Photoshop. But we are not going to talk about it today. We will show you 3 other programs suitable for different devices, which are not as popular as Photoshop but are easy-to-use.


PhotoWorks is a desktop program with a user-friendly interface that will appeal to beginners and advanced users. It is packed with various photo editing features, including AI tools. You will find basic and advanced tools for color correction, portrait retouching, a built-in collection of filters, and much more. Let's look at 2 instruments that will be useful for deleting a watermark.

  • Healing Brush will work best if your watermark is relatively small and the background is plain. All you need is to pick the tool under the Retouch Tab, adjust its size and paint over the watermark to delete it.
  • Clone Stamp is a go-to choice if the watermark is placed against a multi-colored background or covers several objects in the photo. You will also find it under the Retouch Tab. Set its size and paint over the watermark. The software will sample pixels from a nearby unaffected area and paste them over the spot that you want to cover. And there you go - your clean photo is ready!

Super Eraser

Super Eraser is an app for Mac that helps you remove unwanted objects from your images. It doesn’t offer any other photo-editing tools, but it supports a variety of formats, like JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and others.

Once you open your picture in Super Eraser it will show you a live preview, so you will directly see the before-after while you are working on your image. To remove a watermark all you need to do is to highlight it with the red marking tool. You can adjust the size of the tool and zoom in on the picture for a better view.

There is an option to protect a part of the image from changes by hitting the Protect button. And you can always undo the action if you didn’t like the result. To finish the process just hit the Eraser button and save your watermark-free picture.


Inpaint is a software aimed mostly at retouching pictures and removing unwanted objects. You don’t need to download it, since it has an online version (though with some limitations on the image type and size). Inpaint uses content-aware technology. It takes the pixels from a nearby area and substitutes with them the watermarked spot. Once you upload your picture you will see a simple interface and several instruments. You can try different tools to see which works best for you. We suggest using the marker or lasso to delete the watermark.

Depending on the size of the watermark and surrounding background it’s sometimes better not to select the whole watermark at once. Just highlight or select a piece of the watermark with a marker or a lasso and hit the Erase button. If you don’t like the result - undo the action. Once you are satisfied with the result - hit the Download button in the top right corner and save your image.


So, now you know 3 different and surefire ways to get rid of watermarks. If you are looking for other tools, then follow the link and find more ways to remove watermarks from photos.


3 Ways to Remove Watermarks From Images

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